Thursday, March 31, 2011

Some Carnival fun & Embrace the Camera...Enjoy!

Saturdays are for school carnivals and cotton candy, right?  Well, that's what we did last weekend.  Macy claimed it the best Saturday she ever had.  I have to agree to a point.  I had a blast watching her play games, eat cotton candy, eat the ever famous carnival hot dog, play "book" walk and get two awesome chapter books, get her sweet face painted and get the all popular tattoo.  You wouldn't think she would miss that tattoo, would you? 

Thankfully, it was a beautiful day for a carnival and we didn't sweat to death.  The weather here has been awesome the last few days.  I am not looking forward to the 100+ degree summers that we have around these parts.  {{yee-haw}}  I would love for it to be Spring all year around.  I love wearing jeans and flip-flops and/or shorts and sweatshirts.  It makes me happy. 

My sweet girl...You can't see if very well, but she has a pretty cute
shooting star on the side of her face.  If she isn't getting a tattoo she is getting
her face painted.  Should I be worried??  Don't answer that.

Who doesn't love a dunking booth??  Well, Macy's teacher, that's who.  Mrs. P
was such a great sport....for 30 minutes!  Poor thing got dunked a few times
but always came up with a smile.  I love this pic of her feet!  ha!  I didn't ask her
if I could put her face on my blog.  So, her feet will have to do.  :)
Best Friends....forever!  Aren't they the cutest little turkeys.
Macy and Mandi in a race....I love their faces!  Macy was so serious
and competitive.  She takes after her Mama!  :)

 Oh, my....there is the ever famous tat!  She washed around it for days...

It's that time again....time to linky up for  Embrace the Camera!  Check out Emily's blog over at The Anderson Crew.  Her adoption story will tear at your will her pictures!  They are awesome.  Go check out her blog, and join in on the fun. 

Me and my sissy.....aren't we just precious.  We always have a blast together and can talk about anything.  Sisters are a true blessing from God and when you can call them your best friend you are doubly blessed.  I am doubly blessed.....

so, are you ready to embrace the camera?


Holly said...

The school carnival looks like it was loaded with fun--and for a good cause. Hooray for them having it this time of year--any later and y'all would've been all melty and miserable.

Cute pic of you and Ashley! Sweet sisters!

Ashley Allen said...

Dude...why do my eyes look sooooooooooooo much bigger than yours? LOL

Love you too, Sissy. Glad you and I are sisters and bf's. I am so THANKFUL for you. :)