Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy 4th of July! WOW! It has been a while since I have posted. I thought that when summer got here I wouldn't be as busy. Boy, was I wrong. We have been super busy. It has been fun though! Reid did a fun basketball camp in Crosby with cuz Justin. Mitch and JD also came to help out with all the fun. He had a blast being with those guys! He even won a few awards. We were so proud of him. Of course my camera was in the shop so I have no pictures. I took some on my phone but haven't transfered them. ugh! Thanks Justin and Hollie for keeping my baby for the week and letting me crash there for a couple of days. I loved it!

Then Bubs and JD came here for some fun. We went to the beach on Friday and spent the day, ate a picnic lunch, played in the waves, did a little board skimming, layed in the sun and built sandcastles. Then we went to Schlitterbahn on Saturday. It was a blast...until the rain. But, oh well, it was still a fun time. We laughed A LOT! It was so nice having them here. I loved getting to love on baby Jaxon! She is a sweetie pie. I miss them already. Her birthday is coming up...she will be ONE! I can't believe it! Time goes by so fast, believe me!

This girl loved the water. She would have crawled into the ocean if we would have let her. She takes after her cousin Macy.....true beach babes!

The other BIG news is:

We got a DOG! His name is Tucker. Can you believe we actually bit the bullet?? We decided we made our kids wait long enough. We felt pretty bad when Macy was writing at school that she wished she had a dog. One time she drew a picture with a girl, her, with a sad face. The girl had a leash with a dog and she wrote, "My daddy says we can't have a dog." Thats pretty sad, huh? So, when some close family friends from our hometown had a litter of lab pups we decided to get one. It was so nice knowing where they came from. I had looked online for dogs but was so scared it would come from a bad home. So, this was exactly what we had been looking for. Thank you, Tara and Chad. We LOVE our Tucker! He is such a good dog and has loved running in the back yard with the kids. I have more pictures and will post them soon. Thank you to my Mom and Dad for keeping Tucker while we were at Schlitterbahn with the Sab's. They really became attached to him. :) They helped me so much with teaching him to potty train. He is doing great! I was a little scared to get a dog but having their help made it easy. Thanks!!

There is so much more to tell and more pics but I will post them later. To all my 5 readers out there, I promise it won't be a month! I have some really exciting news from a sweet little girl that lives here.....but I will wait. I need a certian picture from JoJo.

I am inspired to keep blogging from my sweet friend Holly. She made a blog book from Let me tell you, I have seen it and it is the most awesome thing ever. She is so creative. I am determined to make a book. We will see.......