Friday, November 11, 2011

Are you ready for some football.....

Two bits, four bits, six bits a dollar...
All for the Texans stand up and holler!
(I don't think that is really an NFL cheer but whatever!)

We had a great time at the Texans game a couple
of weeks ago.  We are so thankful for sweet
friends who share their tickets when they can't go.
Reid and Troy were so excited about getting to 
go to the game.  We even went to Academy
the night before and all got new Texans
shirts.  When we go to a game to cheer we 
mean business!  Not to mention we looked 
cute, too.  Yes, even the boys. 


The boys always love a good Sunday football game.
 Especially when the Texans are involved.  Not
only was it a great game the weather was perfect!
Macy and I love watching the cheerleaders, talking,
watching the boys get all crazy, sharing a coke
and a huge baked potato with all the fixings,
and taking self portraits...of course. It's a great way to
pass the time.  No really, we love the game and Macy
and I cheer LOUD!  Reid brought a friend from school
so we couldn't act too crazy.  You know us Sab's. 
We can get a little crazy and wacky.
 I got the stink eye a few times just for talking.
 Geez, am I that embarrassing?

Don't answer that.



I couldn't let today get by without saying something...

AND last but certainly not least...

Happy Veterans Day
 to all the men and women who serve our wonderful country.  (My sweet Poppi included)
I admire you.
I pray for you.
I am forever thankful.
I love you.

God Bless America!

Saturday, November 05, 2011

Yaya the Builder

For the past month I have been trying to get the guest bedroom/office set up. You know, for all our company? ha! Well, you have to be prepared, right?

Anywoo...I had the mattresses and boxspring but needed the frame. So, I took my happy self to the mattress store and bought a queen size frame. The lady promised me it was easy to set up. She looked at me like I was going to set it up or something.  I think I looked at her like...Um, I have a husband that will do that!  But, I acted like I knew what I she was talking about.


Troy has been on this outage at work and I have hardly seen him. I knew that frame was going to sit awhile.  He kept promising me he would do it.  I knew he was too busy so we all just walked past it, stubbing our toe on the box and running into the stupid thing in the night.  So, the box sat....for a month. Or so.
Until last week....

Everyone hold on to your hat. I put the fool thing together! The frame was the easy part.  It ended up wrestling those heavy mattresses onto the frame was the worst part and it totally sent me into a sweaty tail spin.  If you would have had a hidden camera in there I am sure we would have won some major money. 

I was so excited for Troy to come home and see what I had done. I had felt like such a big girl....yes, he spoils me.  So, when he got home the kids and I gently coaxed him into the guest room/office where we told him he really needed to check his email.  The kids were just as excited as I was. SURPRISE! Mission accomplished...I think he was suprised.  He couldn't believe that I had put the whole bed together.  I got a little kiss. 

It had taken me all day to clean the room, organize all the bills, shred old checks from 1998, and put things back in the desk in a more organized fashion. I really love how it turned out. I still have some decorating to do but the bed is up and ready for company.

OK so who's coming?

Thursday, November 03, 2011

Flu shot....or not?

So, what's your take on the Flu shot?  I got mine today because last year I waited and waited and then waited a little TOO long.  Yep, I got the flu.  Bad. 

Reid also got the flu.  (He was actually the first reported case at his pediatricians office.....that's not necessarily a contest you wanna win, huh?)

We were pitiful!  I felt horrible and so did he.  We were quarantined to one room and Troy just slipped food through the door with his shirt over his nose.  So sweet, right?  What happened to in sickness and in health.  Oh, well!  I think he was scared of us.  At one point Reid leaned over to me and said, "Mom, could you please get me some chicken noodle soup and some Advil?"  I said, "No, honey, you will have to get it yourself."  It was pretty sad.  It wasn't one of my proudest moments as a mom.  Man, we were so sick.  I can still feel those chills....and that fever!  That was the worst!  Reid missed so much school, too.  He loves to miss school but not because of the flu.  No, thanks! Thankfully, Troy and Macy never got it.  I think they have an immune system made of steel.  (knock on wood)

I DO NOT want to go through that again.  So, last week Troy told me they got a flu shot at work and that I needed to get mine.  He sweetly reminded me of last year.  I think secretly he doesn't want to be my nurse again...or he loves me and doesn't want to see me whine.  Which ever...I knew I needed to get one.

So, this morning, I went and had my flu shot.  I took Reid after school to get his shot....well, after our weekly Buckee's trip.  (IT is Thirsty Thursday, you know.)  He did great.  Macy gets hers in the morning...that might be another story.  That girl cries just at the thought of a needle.  Can you say....DRAMA!

So, all this to say....I know this is just in my head but I have always heard that you can get the flu from getting the shot.  What is your opinion?  Do you get the flu shot or do you just take a chance?  I'm just curious what y'all do.....

For some odd reason this afternoon I feel a little sluggish.  uh-oh!!

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

A little bit of this and that

Warning....ramblings that could cause boredom and/or sleepiness

*I did NOTHING, I repeat NOTHING yesterday.  I barely got out of my PJ's.  I hate those days.  But, in my defense I wasn't feeling all that great.  I think all this moving and other stresses in my life have caught up with me.  So, after I took Reid to school and put Macy on the bus, this Mama went BACK TO BED.

Yep, I'm a slacker.

There was no laundry done.  There were no beds made...what SO ever.  Usually I try to make our just feels good.  I don't know why it makes your house feel more clean, but it does.  It felt really good getting a little more sleep but then when I woke up I had Mom/Wife guilt. You know, thoughts of my hubby and kids working and studying while I am snoozing in LaLa Land.  Why do we feel guilty when we take time for ourselves? Thankfully, for my families sake, my naps are far and few/few and far between.  Sadly, yesterday I was doing good to get up and make my yummy pot of coffee.

Which is a must.

*I've been toying with the idea of getting my jewelry/crafty/scrapbooky stuff out again.  I think I toy with this idea on a daily/yearly basis.  But, after moving and finding all my stuff I have had this itch to make something.  I also think Pinterest has a little something to do with it.  I have found so many things on there that make my mouth water.  It probably helps that they make it look so easy.  In the past I have had a lot of ideas but no time....or space.  Now, I have a little more space, still no time but am determined to try to do something for me.  I really want a little nook just for me.  Even if I do nothing more than stare at the walls or pick my nose at least I would have my very own nook. (I really wouldn't pick my nose..ha)  My mom found a picture of a lady who made a little nook in her closet.  My friend Lacie did that when she moved and it was super cute.  I am -----this close-----to starting my own closet nook. 

I'm super duper excited about that!

*Today I started my morning out with my ever-so-lovely cup of coffee with Pumpkin Spice Creamer...DUH...and I am feeling much better than yesterday.  There are no naps for me this AM.  I am hoping to get a lot more done than yesterday.  Maybe beds made?  Maybe finish unpacking boxes?  Maybe finish spray painting a bookshelf that is still sitting outside?  Maybe laundry?  Maybe go for a run?  We will see...

* What is on your agenda for today?

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

11.1.11 and Miss Frankie Stein

There is something about weird and funny just have to post about it.  You know just to write the date, I guess.  This morning I had to write Reid a check for lunch money and I said, "Hey, it's 11.1.11.  How cool."  His response, "uhhuh".  Maybe it was the fact that it was 6:45 and I was talking to him.  How dare I speak before 7 am.  The nerve of me.  He took the check and headed to the car.  Let me tell you, teenagers have a vocabulary and an attitude all of their own.

Lord, help me.

Anywoo, all that to say.  Happy 11.1.11.  Isn't it cool?

Please don't say "uhuh"

Yesterday we had a great time Trick or Treating with our new neighbors.  They are so sweet.  We had a great time getting to know them better.  Halloween wasn't always my favorite holiday.  Its kinda weird.  I remember having fun when I was a child at Halloween, but I was more about the candy.  Obviously.  I never loved dressing up, Reid doesn't care too much for it either.  Now, Lulu...that's a different story.  The more face paint and the bigger the wig, the better.  She has always loved dressing up and because of her, Halloween is more fun at our house.  I am soaking it up as long as I can.  I know all too soon, she won't want to go with me.  Boohoo! 

 Here she is getting a sign all ready to hang on the front door.  She was so excited to get to see some trick or treaters.  She wanted them to feel welcome.

 We got just a little festive and made some candy.  We love putting our aprons on and getting all dirty in the kitchen.  We had melted candy all over the place.  They make it look so easy on the box.

 Didn't the teeth turn out cute??  These were our favorite.  Don't you remember wax lips as a child??

Here she is.....Miss Frankie Stein!  Isn't she SCARY!  She wanted to be something scary this year but still cute.  I think she looks adorable. 

She wanted some scars and lipstick...that's my girl!

 My sweet Trick or Treaters.  Reid stayed home and passed out candy while we hit the streets with our neighbors.  He has never liked Halloween.  I should have realized that the year I tried to dress him up as Barney.  He was NOT a happy camper.  He's like me, though.  He did it for the candy.  I was glad he let me get a picture before we left.  He is such a great kid.  :)

Here are the Trick or Treaters with something.  I have no idea what they are standing by...whatever it was it talked.....and was cute.  ha!  Macy with Austin..our new neighbor.  They had a fun time hitting all the houses.  They had so much candy we had to come home, dump out and start over.  

I hope y'all had a good Halloween with lots of sweets, treats and FUN.  I had such a great time looking at Facebook at all the pictures of the kids costumes.  There are some good things about FB.  It's really annoying me lately.  That's for another time.

Now, on to November.  I love November...the weather has been beautiful!  You can actually go outside and not melt.  Can I get a woohoo!

Oh, can you believe on the radio I heard we only have like 53 days until Christmas??!!  AND to top that off they are already playing Christmas commercials.


How was your Halloween?