Thursday, July 02, 2015

In a stinkin' nutshell

Life has taken so many turns since the last time I posted in August of 2012. There is no way I can catch up and I kick myself for not being a better blogger.  I have loved reading through all the things we have done in the past or the things my kids have done or said and not having any documentation since 2012 makes me sad.  Really sad.  Time goes by so quickly.

So beware... if my family reads this...its all old news.  But I had to write it down before I forgot.  :)


Let's a stickin' nutshell.

*I lost my sweet Nana in 2012.  She had a 'bout with Breast Cancer in 2011 and decided to do radiation treatment.  She was in remission for a while but it ended up taking her life at the age of 87. I was lucky enough, along with my siblings, cousins, aunts, uncles, mom, dad and a lot of friends from church to be there with her for her last moments on this earth and it was such a life changing moment for me.  To see her best friend of 50 years cry was almost more than I could bear.  They had coffee together everyday.  EVERYDAY at 3:00. They were like Lucy and Ethel.  I wanted to be them when I grew up.

I can't even put into words how much I miss her.  Her presence always gave me a sense of peace and love. She could just walk into a room and be the brightest light there, her hugs were like no other and her words of wisdom were quiet and humble.  What I wouldn't give to hear her voice one more time. Sometimes I just wish for one more afternoon coffee time with her.  I have so many things to tell her. Mainly, that I love her.

*Right after Nana died, my sweet and strong Daddy got sick.  We had been wondering for a while if something wasn't right.  He just hadn't been himself but, in true Gordon fashion, he reassured us that we were crazy.  :)  He started showing some signs of forgetfulness.  Not of who we were but of random and everyday things.  My dad was a true country boy.  He was raised on a farm and knew all things about hauling hay, fixing and driving tractors, cars, trucks, mowers, cows, horses and whatever else roamed the land.  He had this common sense of the earth like no one I ever knew.  If there was a storm brewing or anything happening around town we were all fine as long as Dad was fine.  If Dad ever felt scared or nervous, we were all in trouble. There was one particular day when my sister had asked him to change the headlights on her Suburban and he had no idea what to do.  He just stared at the bulb and said, "I have never done this.  I don't know how."

Um, excuse me.  You've only done this 5,000 times.

There was more, but it was then that we knew something wasn't right.  He was originally diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer's late 2013/early 2014. That went on for a bit with significant changes.  Later, he started having numbing issues with his hands and arms.  My mom took him in and they ran some tests thinking that it could possibly be Parkinson's, which is one of the secondary diseases that often accompanies Alzheimer's.  But, it was not.  It was something we, as a family were not prepared for. They had misdiagnosed his illness.  I will never forget that conference call from my mom.  She had me, my sister and brother on the line to break the news.  My Dad had Frontal Temporal Degeneration and Lou Gehrigs Disease/ALS.  They gave him 4-6 months to live.  This was March 2013.  We were devastated.

We knew that time was not on our side so we tried to make every effort to go home as much as possible.  Every weekend was filled with family time, laughs, cries and pictures. Lots of pictures. Dad couldn't figure out why in the world we were there so much.  Along with the visits from us were the visits from home health nurses, trips to the doctor and adult sitters so my mom could get errands ran around town or just get out for a breather.  He couldn't go and do as he used to and that made him mad.  But, he got used to it.  He hated having a "sitter".  One time he locked one of them out side in the heat and they had to sit in the car until mom got home.  ha!

The only upside to dads illness, if there could be such a thing, is that he only had ALS in the upper part of his body, its called bulbar ALS.  So, he could still walk around but didn't have the use of his arms and hands.  Later, the use of his throat would prove to the the WORST EVER!

Summer came and went and our last family vacation to Port Aransas would be one that I will remember forever.  We all had to take turns watching Dad. He would just walk out in the ocean like he was heading to the next island. He had no fear. The dementia was making him more child like day by day. He had fun with all the grand kids and the pictures we have are priceless. Thanksgiving and Christmas came and went. Turkey meant nothing. Presents meant nothing.  Time was moving too quickly.  I could cry at the drop of a hat.  Usually at night, you could find me in my closet in a big stinkin' weepy heap of a mess.  Songs were my refuge and me and my ear buds became best friends.  Dad loved worship songs and that was my happy place.  I could feel him.  The old him.  The songs reminded me of him and how much he loved Jesus.  Dad put his trust in his Heavenly Father and seeing his faith through this illness has forever changed me.

Eating had become horrible and his throat just wouldn't work like it used to. He had lost weight and would get so frustrated because he couldn't eat.  He loved fried catfish and got really mad one Sunday after church when he got choked.  It scared us and the kids so bad.

I've had a few of those calls that bring you to your knees, but the one telling me to hurry and get home because Dad isn't gonna make it too much longer and the ambulance is on the way is the worst. I don't really remember that 2ish hour drive.  Its only by the Grace of God that I made it in one piece.   I checked the mail a few weeks later and had a red light ticket in there....I was like...oops.

All I know is I was honored to be there for my Dad's last breath on January 30, 2014.  He entered those gates of Heaven running, I'm sure!  For the next few days we were loved on, prayed over, hugged and blessed by everyone. Even though the days were a blur we felt the love from our friends and family flow abundantly.  As much as I miss Dad everyday, I know he is free of pain, free of disease and free to eat whatever he wants.  I'm sure the Blue Bell is perfect in Heaven.

God is ever so faithful,

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Well, I just thought I was back on the huffy.  Guess, I'm not.

I just got this odd urge to blog.  Don't know what has come over me.  So, I guess since I am here I should think of something great to say.

NOT! ha

I'm thinking its going to turn into more of a rambling session than anything.  I am so far behind on my blog....there is no way I could ever catch up.

Maybe I should start with Disney.

There is no way on God's green earth I could ever blog about EVERYTHING that happened at Disney.  All I can say is it was the best vacation ever.  If you follow my Facebook and Instagram you saw how silly we were.  I mean I wore Minnie ears all week.  ha!   I have to say that it was worth every single penny.  The look on the kids faces were priceless...all week.  I was worried that Reid and Macy being a little older wouldn't have as much fun.  But, they did!  We did split up a bit and Troy took Reid to ride the roller coasters and Macy and I went on an expedition to find all the characters that we could find.  We finally found Cinderella, I think I cried.  Seriously.  She is my all time favorite.  I wanted to ask her if I could try on her dress but I thought that might be over the line.  ha!   It was a great week of bonding and we loved being together.  I feel more in love with my family....if that's even possible.

We start school on Monday.  I can't believe that I will have a 10th and a 5th grader.  Why is it that everytime I look at them I see a snaggletooth grin and pigtails.  They are so grown up.  I know I say this every year but this year really flew by.  Macy had meet the teacher tonight and she is so excited to have one of her best buddies in her class.  Her teacher seems really nice, too.  I guess we shall see.  ;)  Reid doesn't have meet the teacher and if you even say the word school he gets fired up.  He wants no reminder of school and he could care less about his schedule.  He doesn't even want a new backpack.  He has used the same backpack since 6th grade.  Macy, on the other hand, would never do such a thing.  ha!

Speaking of grown up....Reid is driving.  EVERYWHERE!  He has his permit and has been my chauffer for the last month.  Don't tell him but I love it.  He really is a great driver.  Troy and I
have been doing the parent taught drivers training and at first we were a little nervous about it...but he has done great.  Troy even took him driving on the interstate the other day.  They drove all the way to Galveston and back.  I stayed home and prayed.  ;)  I can see his independence shining through and I couldn't be more proud.

August is a busy month for us.  It is chalked full of birthdays.  Troy turned 42, Reid 16 and JD celebrated her birthday but I don't have permission to say her age (ha).  August 7th marked the one year anniversary of Papa John's death.  We were at Disney during this time but had some good laughs over dinner talking about all his shannagans.  He was defienlty one of a kind.  

I guess that is all for now.....hope everyone has a great first day of school.  I will be thinking and praying for all my sweet friends and family who will be sending their babies off to Kindergarten.  Hang in will be OK!  Time flies by so enjoy every stinkin' minute.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Back on the Huffy...I think.

It's been way too long. Way too many things to say. Way too many things going on that I don't even know where to begin. I feel like I have fallen off my bike, tore my jeans and skinned my I have to get back on my hot pink pink huffy....with the banana seat and ride again. You know what I mean? I have written blogs in my head for weeks. What I want to say is all jumbled up in my brain and may never get out. I just can't find the words. Scary...I know. I guess I can just start out by saying that the school year is almost over. YEAH! I am ready for the summer and getting to try out our new neighborhood pool. The kids are really excited about that. I am too. I am ready to sleep in for a few days (or more) and get up to do NOTHING! I know that won't last long. Camps, VBS and vacations will soon begin and we will be busy once more. But, those are the fun things. I love summer so much but I know I will be hearing the dreaded, "I'M BORED" before you know it. We are loving our newhouse. I can't believe we have been in it for almost a year. The time has flown by!! We still have stuff in boxes....the garage still looks like a bomb went off but it will be there when I'm ready.....right? I could take a picture of it for grins....but it mught scare you to death. I am just glad to be in the house and I know that in time it will all be organized and just the way I want it. Right? Well, maybe when I find that money tree that people talk about. :) I am hoping that this little post will get me back in the mood of blogging. I really have A LOT to say. I have had some really life changing things happen in my life lately and putting it out there for me is good therapy. I also like it being documented for my kids. I have loved going to my Blurb book that I made last year and looking at all our fun memories. Even Macy loves getting it out and looking through it. I love that. I plan on making another one but I have to get my behind blogging again. Any good peer pressure would be welcomed. :) Until next time, y'all.....

Monday, January 16, 2012

Rooster #25

People often ask me what I have been up to and this is what I usually say...


That's whats up.

And I love it.

Every minute.

He would be super mad if he saw these pictures.  He doesn't like to be the center of attention or to be on my blog.  But, hey...I'm the Mom and I get to do whatever I want.  Anyway, he doesn't even read my blog.  whew!

I am so proud of Reid.  He has done such an awesome job this year.  I was so worried about his first year in high school, at a new school, new friends, and getting involved in high school sports.  He has proved yet again that he can handle anything that comes his way.  I am loving watching him grow into a sweet young man.  I am loving listening to his stories and the way he confides in me. God has great plans for this kid and I am so excited for him.  He doesn't like me to brag but I have to say that he is one awesome teenager.

I love that boy.

For reals. 

Thursday, January 12, 2012

A peek inside.....Heather's House

I can't believe that its January 12th.  Where has the time gone?  I feel like just yesterday I put my tree up and now there is NO sign of Christmas in my house.  What-SO-ever.


Now, my house is bare and I feel the need to make a Hobby Lobby and/or Marshall's Home Goods stop.  You know for the necessities.  Yeah, the necessities. Shhh...don't tell Troy.

Here are some things I have been doing around my house...its still a WORK in progress.  I have a feeling it will be that way for a while. 

A long steps

Unless I win the lottery.

The entry way perfect coffee spot!

My entertainment center needs major attention.  ha!

My dining room....needs to be decorated.  I'm still not sure what to do in there.

Macy's room...she loves it!

The game/media room.  We had the built-ins built and we love them. (hi Reid!) By the way,
this is where Reid lives.  I thought I was going to have a craft room.  Boy, was I wrong.

Reid's room.  We still have a way to go in there.  He was doing good to pick a bedspread.
Hey, maybe I should make this my craft room.

Macy and I spray painted this old picture frame to make her a chalkboard. 
She has loved writing on it.....I get all kinds of messages.  Love that girl!

I made this for the wall by my stairs.....

Our room.  :)   

We are in our new home, settled and loving every minute of it.  God has showed us so many things over this whole moving process. Some things have been awesome and some things have brought us to our knees.  There have been lots of prayers, lots of laughs, a few tears, lots of hard decisions and more stresses over picking colors of walls, floors and cabinets than I ever knew possible. Seriously.

I just want to say more than anything that we are so thankful.  God has blessed us abundantly.  We will praise Him all the days of our lives.


.......and just for a good laugh!  I love these guys! 
 When they are together there is never a dull moment.
Troy and Will....brothers at heart. 

Happy 2012!!  Love, peace and God's blessings to you......

Thursday, December 08, 2011

Whatcha doin'??

Hey there friends!  Long time no see....

Got a great idea over at Lindsey's blog to do a little survey thing-a-majig...and you know how much I love those!  So, since I haven't blogged in like FOOORRREEEVVEERRRR (in my best Sandlot voice) I thought I would join in on the fun.  Maybe it would light a fire under my bum and make me get my blogging into gear.  Yet again.  {{sigh}}

watching:  Well, the Disney channel, of course...something called Bubble Guppies.  What in the world is a Bubble Guppy?  Anywhooo....Avery and Braxton are here because my sister is in London.  I know, jealous. :) We have watched a lot of things I haven't watched in a long time. ha!  They watch Disney during the day and Macy watches it in the afternoon.  There is a big difference.  Macy said during the day was for babies....Avery begged to differ.

eating:  Praise and Glory for coffee...that's what I'm eating. 

drinking:  oops.  Coffee..  Praise!  I think I might just have an addiction.  (I did have an omlet to soak up my coffee)

wearing:  Will you still be my friend if I say my PJ's?  Ok, my PJ's.

avoiding:  I am totally avoiding sweeping my floors.  They are nasty.  They are dusty.  They are a pain in my rump.  We got hardwood floors in our new house and although I LOVE them they are a little harder to keep up with.  Thanks to the purchase of my handy dandy shark has made my life a little better.  Now, I just need to get up and do it.  Um, maybe later. 

feeling:  totally blessed, happy 

missing:  my mom and dad...It has been awhile since I have been home.  I didn't get to spend Thanksgiving with them so I am looking forward to Christmas.  We had Thanksgiving at our new home with Troy's family.  We had a GREAT time!  I had 28 people in my house!  It was great!  We totally broke my house in..haha!  I was so glad to have more room for everyone.  We have already made sweet memories in our home.  I am super thankful for two wonderful families....

thankful:  Thankful that Macy still has a love for Santa.  We are having so much fun with her Elf on a Shelf this year.  This morning "Larissa" got in our pantry and raided the snack basket...sneaky Elf!  The look on Macy's face was priceless.  It's the little things, people.  ;)

weather:  Well, its Texas y'all!!  Its 44 degrees now but later in the afternoon, I'm sure I'll be sporting some flip flops.  Yeehaw!

praying:  for my sister to have a safe trip home

needing: a little motivation know to sweep the floors, do my bible study, do the dishes, laundry, think of something for supper, and get my running in.  All in a days work.

thinking: I am thinking that I really should have started my Christmas shopping a long time ago.  Why must I do this to myself every year??  I do work better under pressure but this year I am a little more stressed about getting everything done in time.  Don't know why....I always get it done.  Breathe!

loving:  my peppermint mocha creamer, coffee, my bible study, being a mom, being a wife, I love being an aunt...Jaxon, Maddi, Avery and Jaxon are super cool, I love long hot baths, getting a pedicure, listening to Christmas music, I love my Christmas tree...especially at night when everyone is snoozing and its just me, the tree and my DVR shows...OH YES!

So, what about you, my friends?  What are you up to today?  Come on and join in on the fun, if ya want!