Friday, June 17, 2005

My question of the day....

Why in the world do bathing suits cost $100.00???

Hurry up red apple sale..........

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Dentists stink

If you read my cousin Jenna's post about the dentist you will find out that there are SOME in our family that do not have good teeth. I am one of them!! I too had to go to the dentist this week and it is NOT FUN. I also have a mouth full of crowns and fillings. I credit all my cavitites to good ole' First State Bank super bubble bubble gum.....oops. But I also brush, floss and rinse every night! I don't know why my teeth are terrible...I told the dental hygenist I feel like I have "bubba teeth"... ha ha Anyway, all my dental work is done...THANK GOD! Troy is also glad that it is all done and whenever he sees me chewing gum I get in trouble! ha ha... So to Jenna...I'm sorry about your day...I hope you are feeling better!! I fell your pain, cuz!!

Tonight the kids and I went to a free concert at Chick-fil-A. It was was a Christian band called NewSong. That were so good and the kids had a great time. Macy was really dancing and loving the music...Reid liked it but was a little more reserved! They crack me up at how different they are!

Troy is working tonight so of course I am up late. I should be in bed because tomorrow will be another crazy HOT day in Houston. Reid is finally asleep after watching the Spurs loose! He was not too happy about that. He is such a sports freek...just like his daddy. Troy called earlier and they talked for about 15 minutes about the Astros, Spurs, etc. until it was finally my turn to talk. I think Troy would rather talk to Reid about sports than listen to me babble! :) I hope they will always be close like makes my heart happy!!

For the past year or so I have really been focusing on my exercising. IT IS SO HARD!! I had a few test come back that said I have high cholestrol (sp??), etc...that was not good. It put me in high gear to do something about all the extra weight I was carrying and to exercise more. Well I lost a few pounds and have been stuck at the same weight for months and months!! It is so frustrating!!! The last week or so I have been in an exercising slump...I have been feeling a little bitter about it!! :( So, I pouted for a while and today when I woke up I decided to get my butt moving and go to the gym!! Please pray that I will stick with it!! I guess along with my bad teeth I also have a few health problems...things could be worse, I know......just had to vent for a minute, ya know! :)

Saturday, June 04, 2005

Tired but Tan

I'm up usual. I always say I am going to get to bed at a decent time but I never do. I guess I am and always will be a night owl. I guess I got used to it because it's the only time I really get to get things done around here.....without the help of a certain 3 year old!! ha ha

You would think I would be worn out tonight because we went swimming twice today!! It was so hot here that that was the only thing we could do outside. Reid tried to shoot some hoops but couldn't stand the heat!! So, that was our the pool we go!!! yeah Macy is really getting brave. She is actually going the baby pool of course ...but just to get our hair wet is a real achievement! She has finally decided to put on the arm floaties and not just look at them and tell me how pretty they are!! Thank goodness!! It helps me out alot, although she still won't get in the big pool without being wrapped around my neck. Should I do swimming lessons?? I don't know!! Reid on the other hand was swimming laps today.....not worried about the Rooster! :)

Oh, I am so excited about the newest little addition to our family......our sweet cousins Justin and Hollie had their baby!!! YEAH!! We are so happy for them and for precious Riley Lyn. We can't wait to see her and get to love all over her!! Macy always wants me to pull up her picture on the computer so she can kiss it!! I'm sure G'ma Jo-Jo will have plenty of pictures to show us too! :) Congratulations to the Reese family!! We love you guys so much and are so happy for you! Can't wait for Christmas in the "Ville!! (Hope I see you all before that, though!!)

Well....I guess that's all that has been happening around here. I am rambling on.....Just wanted to blog....since it has been awhile (I was told!!)