Thursday, August 03, 2006

HOORAY for swimming lessons!!

Should I?? Boy, it sure looks like a long way down....

We finished swimming lessons today. Boy, am I glad. It was so cute to watch her but it was as hot as ever sitting and waiting for her to be done....for 2 weeks! Reid is glad shes done too...if I had to hear he was bored one more time. :) HA

So, she is officially a preschool level graduate. We got a certificate and everything...she was so proud! It was a hoot watching her go off the diving board. She wasn't too sure about it. It was a little higher then she thought. But, she did it and her facial expression was priceless. I am so proud of her. She did a great job and never cried...she was really brave, unlike her mother. I probably would have cried all the way down.

She was really glad the lifeguard was in the deep end and so was I because I don't think I could tread water for that long. HA After swimming lessons were over she wanted to come home and go off the diving board at our neighborhood pool and do it ALL BY MYSELF!! Maybe tomorrow!