Monday, January 22, 2007

Jump 'N Jungle

My friend Gloria and I took the kids to this great place called Jump 'n Jungle. It is so much fun. It's just a bunch of moonwalks in this big building. Why didn't I think of that??? :)

Macy loves going...and hey, its cheaper than the movies! HA It's really great on rainy days....They can still get all their energy out.

She was wearing me out!! I tried to get in there with her but I couldn't keep up.

Here is Macy and Seth going up the big slide. They have so much fun together. Seth says Macy is his girlfriend! He is too cute. We love spending time with them.

WHHEEEEEEEE!!! They only went down this slide one million times! :)

Oh, million and one! And even though they kept sliding into each other they would still laugh and keep right on going. It was a fun afternoon!

Friday, January 19, 2007

Blessing of the Feet

This was one of my favorite parts of my whole training. :) I'm always up for a party! HA Anyway, the Friday night before the big race we had a banquet called the Blessing of the Feet. We had yummy pasta and fun times with family and new friends. But, the most awesome part was that it was all about giving thanks to God for the blessings of family, friends, food, fellowship and FEET!! They said a beautiful prayer for all of us runners and of course had some of the women (maybe a few men) in tears! HA

Monday, January 15, 2007

Half Marathon pics #1

A runners friend!! We love GU!!! Of course, my favorite is Espresso Love!! Yummy!! A little coffee while you run never hurt anyone! :)

Robin, Me and Carissa on our GU break. We have to walk a little to get our drinks and GU. Don't you love my fuel belt... HA Why didn't someone tell me that I look like a total geek in that visor??

This was my favorite part of the run. Some men volunteers dressed up like women in PJ's and rollers! HA! They made really ugly women. HA

This is where it all began! Bay Area Fit ROCKS!!

Hey, Hey the gangs all here!! Well, everyone but Heather because she was on the port-o-can! HA HA

I PROMISE (Mom) to write more on the wonderful experience on Sunday. Troy promised he would download some more pics tomight. I have some really cute ones of the kids. I borrowed these pics from a friend. I tried to download a video of me and my girls running through the finish line but it wouldn't let me. If you go to and click on videos then type in my last name you can watch it. If you want. Its really funny. I look like a total shouldn't run if your boobs get in the way....WOW...I wear a sports bra...whats up with that?? ha ha ha ha I know thats a little too much info but its only family who reads this anyway. :)

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Two-thousand and seven

My New Year's Resolution was to be a better blogger...well one of my resolutions. :) I didn't make a list this year. I guess I should have. I think I have made one every year but this one. I hope that isn't bad luck. So, since I didn't make "the list" I thought I'd just think of some things that I'd like to do better...

1. be a better christian
2. be a better wife
3. be a better mom
4. be a better sister
5. be a better daughter
6. be a better niece
7. be a better grandaughter
8. be a better friend
9. be a better cousin
10. be a better runner
11. be a better reader....I HATE to read
12. be a better example to everyone I meet
13. be a better blogger :) and to have more comments :)
14. eat better

I know they sound stupid...but its just some random thoughts off the top of my dumb head. HA


This was our lovely Christmas picture. My sister took them at the beach and let me tell you it WAS SO COLD that day. We had a fun time freezing our tails off. Macy and Reid were not happy about being at the beach when it was so cold. We had sand all over us and it was sticking to the Carmex on our lips. ha ha I'm sure from the picture you could tell how cold we were. :) When we got in the car Macy informed me and Ash that she would NEVER do that again!! We laughed so hard. Thanks sis for taking the pics.

This one was the same day and we didn't look so cold but I didn't like it of me....go figure. We are our worst critics, right?? Anyway, I have some beautiful pics of that day.......which by the way my sis surprised me at Xmas with 5 framed 8 x 10's to hang in my house... I LOVE THEM. Thank you so much and to B for making them.... :) And with these pics wonderful memories to last a lifetime.


Some "going ons" in our neck of the woods:

**Reid started basketball this week. I need to get some pics downloaded of that. It is too cute. He has to have the whole outfit, you know. He has the basketball jersey, shorts, Air Jordans, black socks to match the shoes and black arm bands to go with the shorts. He's the only 10 year old out there that actually matches. ha ha They won yesterday and he made 2 baskets. YEAH!! GO COUGARS!

**Macy has played with every Xmas presents she got and has loved every minute of it. Everytime she gets one of them out she remindes me how much she loves all her toys. It's so funny. The last couple of days we have played "Don't Spill the Beans" at least 100 times. She loves games.

**We have all started back to school. Reid is not thrilled about it and Macy loves every minute of it. I guess she will change her tune when she starts "real" school. I can't believe that she will be in Kindergarten next year. Where has the time gone?

**I have been doing laundry for WEEKS....I can't seem to catch up from the holidays.

**My Christmas is FINALLY all put away. I thought it would never end. :)

**My 1/2 marathon is next Sunday. I am so nervous about it but excited at the same time. I can't believe that it is actually gonna happen....I am ready. Please pray for me....