Friday, January 19, 2007

Blessing of the Feet

This was one of my favorite parts of my whole training. :) I'm always up for a party! HA Anyway, the Friday night before the big race we had a banquet called the Blessing of the Feet. We had yummy pasta and fun times with family and new friends. But, the most awesome part was that it was all about giving thanks to God for the blessings of family, friends, food, fellowship and FEET!! They said a beautiful prayer for all of us runners and of course had some of the women (maybe a few men) in tears! HA


Lynn said...

I think that was a cool part too. It all just was so neat. I was able to print off some of your pictures crossing the finish line. They turned out good. Love ya!

nana said...

Sounds like you had a nice send off for the marathon. You just make us all so proud. I never had anyone run in the marathon before----but we would be proud of you if you didn't run. Poppi and I were talking about how proud Reid and Macy must have been. They will never forget that their mother ran in the Houston Marathon.
Hope you are feeling o.k. now. Hugs to Troy, Reid and Macy and a big one for you. Love you---nana