Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Character counts!

I have to brag for a minute..... :) My baby girl got an award for having awesome character! She got to have her name called (which by the way is a BIG deal for 1st graders) at an assembly. She also got a cool sign for her front yard. She gets to keep it for nine weeks and then another deserving child gets a turn. She is way excited. Her Daddy and I are super proud of her. Way to go baby girl! Keep up the great work....We love you!

Now, on to my oldest...We are super proud of him as well. He took up the trombone this year and while sometimes the sounds coming out of his room are questionable...he is keeping up with it. He practices 20 minutes a day and is pretty serious about it. He is also doing great in Jr. High. He acts like he has gone there for years. God is truly watching over him. I love that boy and sometimes when I look at him I can't believe he is mine. He is one great kid and I love him so much! This video is pretty is of him and the neighbor boy. They thought they would practice together. LOL!

Monday, October 27, 2008

We lost a very special family member the other night. And no, this is not a real picture of her. :) Sweet Ella, our beta, has been with us for almost 3 years. She lived in the kitchen and loved to watch me wash dishes. She loved to eat her little tiny food. She loved for Macy to tap on her tank. We bought her at Pet Smart with one of Macy's little friends. Her friend named hers Elizabeth. Ella and Elizabeth were friends. We have fond memories of our time with Ella.
There were tears and a mini funeral. Picture all 4 of us in the bathroom, with a fish on a plastic spoon because we couldn't find a net. Troy and I felt like Cliff and Claire Huxtable. We said a prayer, Macy cried and then yes, we had to flush her. Macy is still sad. Reid laughed..a lot. He had to leave the bathroom. What is it with boys? He even said they were with Karen and Joe. And for those of you who don't know who they are...well they were Reid's goldfish when he was about Macy's age. ha! He also had a hamster named Doris. Who died a sad death. You would think he would be sentimental. :)
Tonight when I tucked Macy in bed she prayed for her and said she hopes that she is having fun in the bottom of the toilet. ha! I know that she will be praying for her for a long time.
Goodbye sweet Ella, we will miss you.