Friday, July 23, 2010

Freaky Friday

Today we have a showing at our house. We actually have 2! CAN I GET AN AMEN!! Please pray with me that we will sell our house soon, otherwise we lose the one we are building. Can you say stressed out? I know that God's will be done in this and I have full confidence in that. I know that none of this in my control. For that I am glad....I don't like to be in control. Never have. I am more of a "tell what you need and I will do it for you" kind of girl. If that makes me weak, well then I am weak. Anyway, as far as the house goes, we have done all we can other than go to the corner of the street with a sign begging for people to buy my house. ha! Hey, that's an idea. I just have to keep remembering who is in control....

We just back from Son*ic happy hour! Man, what is it about a diet cherry vanilla coke that can make me so happy? It was the perfect treat after cleaning all morning getting ready for the showing. Fingers crossed...

I am so thankful that the sun is out today! It has been raining a lot lately and I am in major need of some sun. I think maybe we will hit the pool today. I love summer....

Last weekend I got to go see Wicked! It was SO GOOD....I had no idea what to expect. It was one of the best things I have ever seen. The story, the songs...all of it were awesome! At intermission, there might or might not have been some tears. I would go see it again tomorrow if I could. I loved getting to experience it with the girls! We had a wonderful lunch before with lots of laughs, lots of carbs, and lots of memories!

My first Playbill! Yippe!

Holly, Kim and ME...before we left.

No event is complete without a SPT....Holly, was still on the elevator. ha!

No event is complete with out feet pics....don't ask me why. Many years from now we will wonder where our cute shoes went....ha!

I hope that you all have a wonderful weekend. We are excited to be lazy and enjoy the rest our summer. I can't believe it is almost over. It really makes me sad. I have loved spending time with the kids without all the hustle and bustle of the school year. Sometimes I lose sight of how blessed I am that I get to stay home with my kids. I know how much God has blessed my life and for that I am so thankful...

Guess I better go finish mopping and get ready for the next showing....

What's your favorite Son*ic drink? Have you seen Wicked?

Monday, July 19, 2010


Macy has been at Camp Neena this week and I miss her terribly! I thought I would get so much done this week....but no. Reid and I have enjoyed being home and being lazy! I don't think I have got out of my pj's until noon for the last few days. It feels so good. For the last 4 nights Reid and I have gone running/walking. He is brutal. It's like running with a trainer...he is serious. I have loved having a running partner. It is also a really good time for us to talk....I love that he can trust me and we can talk about anything. I hope that will continue forever!

Last week we needed to plant some grass in our backyard. We have had some people interested in our house until they saw the backyard. There was no grass. Thanks to our dog Tucker. Who no longer lives with us. boohoo! That's another story. So, one day last week, Troy and Reid headed to the nursery to buy a pallet of grass. They worked all day and it looks great. Now we just hope it takes off and grows....fingers crossed!

Last week was our annual family trip to the Bahn! We love this time with everyone! It is a blast and now that the kids are older it is even more fun. They just come back to the room whenever they are hungry. ha! They love the rides, looking for money, coming back with tons of sunglasses, hanging together, playing games, talking, laughing and going to the hot tub until midnight. I love the memories.

The whole gang....It is our annual picture.

Macy and Holtyn....He is Tyson and Mysti's little cutie!

The sweetest girls ever...

Valerie and Reid....aren't they cute!

Brenda, Granny, Carrie, Me and Linda....

Saturday, July 03, 2010

My posts are usually rambles....

Rain, rain go away we want to go outside and play!

It has been raining for days....I feel like I might need to start to build an ark or something. I am also feeling a little crazy because we have been cooped up in the house. We are used to going swimming at the neighborhood pool, going on lunch dates with friends and being out riding our bikes. This being stuck inside is for the birds. I mean, we did need the rain but one day is enough for me. You can only watch so much D*isney Channel and play so many games on your Ninten*do 3 before you need some sunlight.

Sweet baby Braxton....I think he likes being at YaYa's house. :)

I have have an extra little bundle with me this weekend...until Tues...and have loved every minute. You forget how much fun it is having a baby around. My kids have loved having him here, too. I taught Macy how to change a diaper on the first day he was here and the only diaper I have changed is the yucky one. She has done all the other ones. For an 8 year old she is great at changing diapers. She has been a BIG help...she does a great job and will make a super babysitter when she is old enough. Reid is great with him, too, but it's on his time. ha! Oh, the joys of having a teenager. That will be a post in itself soon.

Have a wonderful 4th of July! It looks like rain for us so maybe we will do some sparklers on the deck. :) Gotta go feed the baby!