Thursday, November 19, 2009

sick day, clean day

As I look around my house I realize I shouldn't be sitting here on the computer. I should be up cleaning..but, I'm not. I should be doing something productive. But I'm not. I should be at work. But, I'm not. It's one of those gloomy, cold days where you don't want to get out of the house or out of your jammies. It makes you want to turn on the fireplace and watch a Lifetime movie. Then you remember where you live and know that later the temperature will be 70 degrees. So, no fireplace for you. Oh, the lovely Houston weather.

Just FYI, I did have to get out to take Rooster to school but that's all I've done today. Oh, and stop by store to get a thermometer. LuLu is home sick today. She ran to our bed last night about 4 in the morning and she was burning up. I searched all over the house for that dang thermometer and couldn't find it anywhere. It is never where you need it to be. So, now we are home and as much as I hate to see her home sick I love having some time just with her. I love that she still needs me. I love that she is still my shadow. I love it that she still runs down the hall and jumps in our bed at night. Right now she is all snuggled down watching the Disney channel with a empty paper towel roll over her eye. She said she is a sick pirate. Very funny. It makes me want to freeze time. Just for a bit.

So, back to my house and all its problems. :) Let's face it, I am no June Cleaver. I want to be but fear I will never be a good housekeeper. What in the world?? How can my house go from "so clean you could eat off the floor" to "wait, that dropped, don't put it in your mouth?" Seriously, how do people do it? How do others NOT have the dreaded "piles" all over? Where is all their laundry? Where is the sink full of dishes? You mop once a week? WHAT? And your bed is made everyday? Seriously? There are many times I just drop into friends houses and it looks awesome. I would be petrified if someone just dropped in today. Heaven help me!

Well, I guess today you know what I will be doing along with taking care of my sick one. Anyone up for helping a worn out and tired Mom?

Monday, November 16, 2009

Question of the day?

Q: How do you know you have a teenage boy living in your

A: Easy.....he has 2 dinner plates full of food and eats every bit
of it!

I can't seem to fill my teenagers tummy. He is hungry every second of the day. I feel so bad for him and I know this is just the beginning. I think I might need to get another job just to pay the extra grocery bill. Wait, what am I saying? Troy will just have to work overtime. ha!

When we go out to eat he gets a steak, people. Seriously. Between him and Troy they can do some damage at a restaurant. Yesterday, after church we went with friends to a local well known deli and he ordered a steak sandwich, We all got a chuckle out of that. Our days of kids meals for the Rooster are long over. Where did my baby go?

What recipes work well for your family that feeds A LOT? I am already having to double the recipes....HELP!

Sunday, November 08, 2009

And the winner is...

Macy and I had so much fun with our give-a-way preparations! She was super excited to get to help me. She really thought about it hard and searched all over the house for the perfect paper, colored pens and scissors to get the strips all ready to write the names on. I love having a girly-girl who gets excited over things like me. :)

Here she is making all the card with the names on it. She is all about the crafty stuff! I love it...
We just had to get the witch's has many uses! ha! She really took this seriously. She counted to 3 and pulled out the name and jumped for joy.

OH MY, OH MY!!! I am so excited! The winner for the first ever Heather's House give-a-way is one of our most FAVORITE PEOPLE EVER!!! Macy was so excited when she pulled out this name:

Congrats to you Nana banana! We love you and will send you your candle ASAP! Maybe I will deliver it never know! :) I miss you and love you so!

Keep never know when there will be another fabulous give-a-way.