Tuesday, July 31, 2007

good day/bad day

Today was great...out to lunch with some friends, to Kohls to shop a little, Walmart for some groceries and to Sonic for a Diet Cherry Limeade! What more could a girl want? :) Well, Macy wanted a slush and the slushy machine was broke...that kind of ruined her day. Well, guess what ruined mine......a DANG ticket.

As we were driving home, I cut through a sub-division to get out of the traffic and accidentally ran (or rolled through) and STOP sign. oops. So, I knew what I did, I deserved the ticket but I didn't deserve the treatment I got when that mean, old, grouchy, police man got out of his car. Now, I'm sure he gets really tired of stopping women who run stop signs, run lights, have fender benders...whatever.....get over it. When he got to my window I politely asked for a warning....it went something like this:

ME: "Sir, do you think you could give me a warning, today?"

HIM: "HPD doesn't give warnings."

ME: "Ok"

HIM: "Registration and License"

(um, did you hear a please?? I don't think so) and he walks back to his car. Then Macy starts crying thinking that I am going to jail and she will never see me again. I guess he takes about 10 minutes....I guess he can't type fast who knows...or maybe my rap sheet was too long....NOT....but come on, how long does it take to write me a ticket. Maybe he's clueless. I think he is.

HIM: "What were you doing in this neighborhood?"

ME: "Coming home from Wal-Mart."

HIM: "Oh, your cutting through?"

I'm thinking...you should be a detective. Um, yeah, Sherlock, I cut through. Is that a crime?

ME: "yes, sir"

Still trying to be nice a friendly, christian attitude. But mad as all get out.

HIM: "Well, you can take defensive driving because our records show you haven't had it in about 3 years."

And I thought...it looks like you haven't had it in 3 years either....no, thats mean! sorry. HA HA


And that was it. No, hi, bye, nothing....you think he could at least be nice for a minute. As I drove away I was mad that I didn't say anything to him. Why didn't I stand up for myself? That makes me mad when I do that. It wouldn't have changed anything but I would have felt better.

I think the thing that really upsets me is that Macy was crying. We have always told her that P.O.s are nice and to always find one if she is lost, or whatever. But, now she is scared of them. She says they are mean. And you know what, today, I think they are mean too. Some people skills is all he needs. Maybe he doesn't have kids, or a family and is just mean like that. Who knows his situation. I ran (rolled thru) the sign, I deserved the ticket but I didn't deserve to be treated like I just robbed a bank. OK....I guess I should get off my soap box and cool off.

Anyone know how to get out of a stupid ticket? Because obviously niceness doesn't work in this big city.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Tag your it

I was tagged by sweet friend Holly to complete a little fun "Did you know?" I think these are so much fun. I will try to remember things...I have a horrible memory. I might have to call my sister to ask her some questions. She remembers EVERYTHING!! Too much if you ask me! Just kidding, sis. HA

Jobs I have had:

1. Gindlers Department Store-Main Street, Smithville. The one and only clothing store in the town. I started working there, I think, when I was a Freshman. I started out wrapping presents and making bows. I got really good at it, if I do say so myself! HA During the summers and after school my Mom worked there with me. We had a fun group of ladies there.
2. Senior in High School....moved on up to the First State Bank. Did a little of everything.
3. College-Wonderland School and Daycare. Watched afterschoolers and worked in the baby room. I really loved that job. I worked there until Troy and I got married. I met some wonerful ladies at that school.
4. NationsBank. Worked there after marriage and until Reid was born. I was a teller and worked in Customer Service. Big Whoop. :)
5. Back in S'ville. First State Bank again. another big whoop.
6. Stay at home mommy...my most favorite job in the whole world!!

WOW! I have had a lot of jobs. I feel really old. :)

Films I can Watch Over and Over Again:

ALL TIME IS RHINESTONE! :) The best movie ever! HA


1. You've Got Mail
2. Steel Magnolias-a tear jerker!
3. Divine Secets of the YA-YA Sisterhood
4. Ghost- I cry everytime at that stinkin' movie
5. Bring it on. JUST JOKING...Thats for Lacie....ha ha ha ha ha Worst movie EVER!
6. Beaches
7. All the Madea movies! That just cracks me up!

TOO many movies to name....

Places I have Lived:
1. Smithville, TX
2. Lubbock, TX
3. San Marcos, TX
4. Smithville again, TX
5. little town outside of H-town

Favorite TV Shows:
1. Young and the Restless....secert obsession! HA HA not so secret anymore~ HA
2. Man vs Wild....thanks Lacie
3. Greys Anatomy
4. Biggest Loser
5. Amazing Race

Favorite Foods:

1. Coffee-can't live a day without it
2. Mexican Food
3. Crystal Light Rasberry Lemonade

right now I am on a little bitty diet so everything sounds good. Um, even my arm sounds good.

Websites I visit daily:
1. Blogs
2. E-Mail
3. BAF
4. MySpace....shh...another secert obession HA

Places I would rather be:
1. Hanging out with the girls over anything. I love a girls night out. I am always up for one! :)
2. the beach with my family
3. on a cruise with my honey
4. at the pool with my kidos

Hey, Holly, thanks for the tag that was fun. :)

Now I tag some of my favorite family members! HA


Saturday, July 21, 2007

I got all my running gear out last night, drank lots of water all day long, got my fuel belt ready, running skirt out, sports bra clean....you get the picture....and then realized my sweet hubby had to work the next day. I hate that! He works that stinky shift work. While the pay is good, the hours stink! So, I got to sleep late this morning. I did wake up about 3 times to potty, since I did drink so much water the day before. One of the times I woke up was 6 am and I thought of my girls running their little hearts out....near and far....and then I rolled over and went to sleep. Sorry girls. Hope you all had a great run.

So, since I missed my run, I went this evening. No, Mom and Ashley, it wasn't dark. I went right before dark....thank you! :) Now I feel good and feel like I have done my "quota" for the day. Even though I was bored and my ipod got stuck around mile 2ish. I hated that. I was really jamming and getting into it when.....nothing. So the rest of the way was quiet. It was nice, though.

Now I stink, so I'm off to the shower! TMI...maybe?

Oh, if you wanna hear a funny story about a certian moonwalk going down with certian people in it, go to my friends blog: http://myadventureinlife.blogspot.com/ its good for a laugh! Thanks Deanna! HA HA HA

Oh, one more thing...a Very Happy Birthday to my super sweet mother-in-law. I love you and hope you have a great day. We are thinking of you. Come see us soon! We miss you and Van...y'all have been in Colorado way too long! HA Aren't you sick of dominoes yet??? nah! :)

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Sweet babies

Sweet baby JAXON

Sweet baby Avery

As you know, our family has grown by 2 and we are so happy. I just had to post a couple of pics of these beauties. I am a proud aunt. Reid and Macy are so excited to have little cousins. Both of these babies are so sweet and so special to me. I just love them so much. I can't wait to see them and love on them. I am gonna spoil them rotten. I think I just might start this weekend when we go to the beach! HA I know Avery wants a slurpee and Jaxon might want a tootsie roll pop....

Today I took my kidos to the waterpark here in town. We went with some friends and really had fun.....that was until it started raining. Good news....RAIN CHECKS! Now we get to go back again...for free! :) Why is it that the rain only starts after you lather them with sunscreen?

Friday, July 13, 2007

Go Blue Crew!

My official training for the 2008 Houston 1/2 Marathon starts tomorrow! I am really excited about it. The Blue Crew will take off in the morning at 6am for a easy 3 mile run. Did I just say an easy 3 miles? Oh, my. I am a little nervous because I haven't been at it like I had been a few months ago. Life just happens and some things take the back burner. Like my running. It always seems to be the mothers things that take a back burner...but that's for another post! HA

I have never been a runner. And what possessed me to start, I'll never know. But, I'm glad that I did because not only did I learn to be more disciplined I have also met some AWESOME friends. :) We always have coffee after our morning runs. Sometimes when we feel like we just can't run another mile we think of the cup of coffee waiting for us at the local coffee shop. But above all I feel better when I run. I feel healthier when I run. I feel like I can conquer the world when I run. My days are better when I run. I know now what that runners high is that everyone talks about. I used to roll my eyes (where no one could see me) but now I'm like....YES...I know that feeling. And then when you have those new running shoes. Oh, I love it. HA I think buying new running clothes is one of the perks! :) Its a girl thing. And yes, I have a pink running skirt......

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Rock on!

Growing up I always hated the game tag. You know the one where everyone chased you around the playground? Well, I was always so scared someone would push me down or be mean to me. HA :) But this game of tag is FUN. My sweet friend Silken sent this to me and tagged me as a Rockin' Girl Blogger! Thanks girl....I need to be better about my blogging since I haven't done one since my Wordless Wed. HA! This is hard to choose who to tag...let me see...today I tag:

1. Ash-my sis who is a great blogger and a good writer just like my mom. She has a new baby so hasn't blogged like she should! She is a rockin' sister! And between you and me she always wanted her name to be Anita. :) I love you, sis!

2. JD-my sis-in-law who is a new blogger. She has a new baby too so she better keep up with it so we can hear all about sweet Jaxon! She is a rockin' sis-in-law! I love you SIL!

3. Lacie-I know you have been tagged a bunch but you are my rocking girl friend who I miss SO much! Since you have been tagged so much just means everyone loves you! :) You are so special to me and a sweet friend. I love ya girl!

4. Deanna-You tagged me and so I tag you back as a Rockin' girl blogger. You are a sweet friend and I love our talks on the phone while we clean our houses! HA....I love ya, girl!

5. Jenna-my cousin who is a sweetheart. I tag you...your a Rockin' girl blogger and I'm lucky to have you as a cousin and friend. I love you, cuz!

There are so many more to tag but I'll let others have a turn!! HA! Rock on...and have a great week!