Saturday, July 21, 2007

I got all my running gear out last night, drank lots of water all day long, got my fuel belt ready, running skirt out, sports bra get the picture....and then realized my sweet hubby had to work the next day. I hate that! He works that stinky shift work. While the pay is good, the hours stink! So, I got to sleep late this morning. I did wake up about 3 times to potty, since I did drink so much water the day before. One of the times I woke up was 6 am and I thought of my girls running their little hearts out....near and far....and then I rolled over and went to sleep. Sorry girls. Hope you all had a great run.

So, since I missed my run, I went this evening. No, Mom and Ashley, it wasn't dark. I went right before dark....thank you! :) Now I feel good and feel like I have done my "quota" for the day. Even though I was bored and my ipod got stuck around mile 2ish. I hated that. I was really jamming and getting into it when.....nothing. So the rest of the way was quiet. It was nice, though.

Now I stink, so I'm off to the shower! TMI...maybe?

Oh, if you wanna hear a funny story about a certian moonwalk going down with certian people in it, go to my friends blog: its good for a laugh! Thanks Deanna! HA HA HA

Oh, one more thing...a Very Happy Birthday to my super sweet mother-in-law. I love you and hope you have a great day. We are thinking of you. Come see us soon! We miss you and Van...y'all have been in Colorado way too long! HA Aren't you sick of dominoes yet??? nah! :)


Lacie said...

Water makes me do that too! Hee Hee!

We are in a lot of trouble for later in life I think!-you know when we are roomies at the nursing home!!

I'm glad you got to run-Did you say iPod???

Lynn said...

I am salivating over our upcoming road trip......hope you are packed.

Heather said...

Mom-I am ready for our trip, too! I am making cookies as I type! See you soon.

Lace- I can't wait to room with you at the nursing home...wait, yes I can! HA HA And yes, my sweet hubby surprised me with a pink pod! I was so excited. :) I guess its a little running surprise!