Sunday, January 30, 2011

A little bit of this and that....again.

This post is way over due!  It seems like I do most of my posting on the weekends.  I guess because my weeks are so super crazy!  We had a wonderful family night at the Shaw's a few weeks ago. Out of that night I only took two pictures...what in the world!  Well, I had one more but it was of Robyn at the trash can and she would have killed me for putting that out on the world wide web! ha! 

I love the pictures of Annelise and Macy with their crazy faces!  These girls are too funny.  I really wanted to get them to do a cute picture but this is what I ended up with.  Aren't they precious.  We had a wonderful time laughing, singing, praying, eating and playing games. 

This is something we love to do and will hopefully keep it going.


This week has been full of games, girl scouts, dance, birthday parties, play dates and who knows what else.   Our girl scout troop had a fun field trip to one of our local Italian restaurant to make their own pizzas.  They are trying to earn their cooking try-it badge.  They had so much fun...especially when the chef gave them their own pizza dough.  After a few flips up in the air and most of them falling on the floor (some dough was put on top of some heads..won't say whose daughter that was) all of their pizza dough, well...gross.  I think they all had fun and learned a lot about cooking and they even got a tour of the kitchen.  They all loved that!!

This weekend has been a weekend of nothings.  Which I love.  I guess because, usually our weekends are full.  I know our weekends are fixing to pick up with baseball right around the corner.  We have already started baseball practice and basketball isn't even over yet.  We love getting to cheer for our boy. 

Macy has been on a Nintendo marathon.  She said it makes her smart.  Um, ok.  Whatever makes you feel better.

Please continue to keep my sweet Nana in your prayers....she is half way through with radiation!  PRAISE!  We are so thankful for her and are so glad she is almost done with that part of the treatment.  In a couple of weeks she will go back in for surgery to put her pacemaker back where they moved it from...not sure what side, but you get the gist.  So, please pray for a successful surgery.  We appreciate your prayers for her and for her healing. 

Also, keep one of my BFF's Holly in your prayers.  Her Daddy went in for surgery to remove some cancer.  He is still in the hospital but doing well.  They said they think they got it all!  PRAISE!  He should come home soon...I know that she would appreciate your prayers.  He is such a wonderful man and we are praying for complete healing!!!  You can go to her site to read the sweet post she did about her Dad!

And one more...,another BFF, Kim, whose Granny is just getting home from the hospital.  She is really needing our prayers for healing and to continue to get stronger.

Also, please continue to remember all those who are taking care of the sickies...they need our prayers, too.  ;)  Man, I am in the praying mood today.  Thank you in advance for your prayers.

God is good all the time, all the time God is good....

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Happy Thursday!

Happy Thursday everyone!  It has been one of those crazy weeks!  I think everynight we have had something going on.  I love it, though....that just means we are alive, well and kickin'.  ha

Reid had a game last night and it was a nail biter!  They lost but played their hearts out!  A few games ago I made the mistake of telling him I would give him a dollar a basket.

Um, I owe him 30.00.


Neena and Papaw came down for the game and to spend some time with us.  We had such a wonderful time and a fun visit.  When the kids were in school, the adults went out to eat.  It was so nice getting to sit there and just talk.  After school, Mom made the trek with me to take my carpool to dance class...that was a hoot.  Macy loved that Mom was watching her through the window.  ha!  Mom and I had fun watching all the little girls try to keep up with the teacher. We also did a little shopping while the boys napped at home for a bit...shocker, I know.  Thanks for coming!  We loved the visit...

Of course, I didn't have my camera.  Typical.

Trust was a crazy week...there is just no proof.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Happy Saturday....again!

Has it been a whole week since I blogged?  WOW!  I was going to be so much better at keeping up this year. I am pretty sure I say that every January.  That's why I love the new year, new beginnings.

The scripture memorization is going great!  Proverbs 16:24 will be my new one for the end of January.  I love this verse.  I love how true it is...Pleasant words make all the difference in the world.  Seriously.  Pleasant words and kind looks.  You gotta love some Proverbs!

Now, how do you like my little image? I made it all by myself.  Now, don't laugh at how simple it was...but for me it took a while.  Even though it was easy squisey I still have to toot my horn.  TOOT TOOT! 
I hate tooting my own horn.

But, here it is.  I downloaded Photoshop and it has really tried my patience. My sister came the other day and helped me download some stuff and gave me a mini tutoring session.  She can scoot around PS like a crazy woman  true professional.  What is even more impressive is that she taught herself.  I am so glad she came and helped me out.  Thanks sissy!  She even gave me some really cool brushes and paper.  You can also download them from different sites online.  We got some cool things off of The Pioneer Woman.  She had some free things you could download as well.  And, who doesn't love Ree!  So, all that to say that PS is a whole new ballgame!   Let me tell you it is a BEAR to figure out.  But, if you can get it, its worth a try.  I downloaded the free 30 day trial and I can already tell I am going to need WAY more than 30 days to figure this bear out! 

What's funny is that when I sat down to blog I started to google images for my verse and then I remembered..

Duh, I have Photoshop. 

So, ya better like it. 
Happy Saturday friends, family and all my fabulous followers.  Which who are my friends and family.  ;)  I feel the love.

Saturday, January 08, 2011

Weekend with the Sab's

This weekend has been WONDERFUL!  We have done nothing.  Well, maybe nothing is putting it lightly.  So, when I say nothing I mean we got to stay around here, sleep in a little, and play, play, play!  I love those kind of weekends.  So, here is some of our weekend in fun and crazy pictures.  Note:  I feel like a bad mother because there are more pictures of Macy because she still loves to pose for the camera.  Now, the teenager?  Well, he runs and hides when he sees me coming.  He's a punk.

You might as well JUMP!!!  These two girls are like two peas in a pod.  The only bad thing about us moving is this little girl and her family....these girls love playing together.  Living across the street from a friend is wonderful.  They play and fight just like sisters. 
See, here is my baby posing.   This won't be the first posed picture you will see with her new American Girl doll!  She has LOVED this doll.  It is the best money I have ever spent.  AND Let me tell you these babies cost and arm and a leg but, oh so worth it.  She is growing up so fast and as long as she wants to play with baby dolls it is OK with me.  This doll is supposed to look like her.  It's the AG Just Like Me doll and I think it looks pretty close!  She named her Addison, Addyson or Addisyn.  I am not quite sure.  But, she calls her Addi, Addie, Addy??  ;)

Now, I can get a picture of the teenager if he is moving full speed.  Even then it is hard.  I got a new EOS Canon Rebel T1i a few months ago and let me tell you I have loved, loved, loved it!  I am still trying to figure it out...hence the blurry action shots, but I am learning.  The pictures come out way better than on my old point and shoot.  Especially in the gym.  I never could get any pictures during basketball season because it was too dark in the gym.  But, now they are better and hopefully I can figure out how to get him with our him looking like a blurr.  I love this picture of him because he is totally fighting for the ball.  I love his face!!  Btw, he got the ball, and got a basket!  Yipee!!

See...blurry!  But, in my defense he was running like a mad man.  This boys got SKILLZZZ!!  I think he takes after his momma!

OK, now, this cracks me up.  Yesterday, I was cleaning like crazy because we had a showing on our house.  It is sad that I only clean like crazy when someone comes over.  I mean, don't get me wrong, I clean, but when there is a showing or company it gets a little more TLC.  So, anyway, I was putting up laundry and went into Macy's room and found Addy reading.  She is so smart, especially with her glasses on.  ha!  Love it!

Flash or no flash??  Can you tell the difference?  ;)

If you are ever in a panic and can't find the teenager....HAVE NO FEAR!  He will be in his room playing PS3.  I snuck in and captured this picture and then got a "look" because he didn't want it to end up on Facebook.  ha!  I told him I wasn't.  But, I said nothing about blogger.  Isn't he cute?  Excuse his room, who knows whats on his bed or under the bed for that matter.

As for me, there are no pictures.  I will spare  But, just in case you wondered what my weekend was like, here it is.  I love laundry, don't you?

As I was putting away my laundry, this made me smile.  My sweet hubby always leaves me sweet notes and brings me flowers.  Yesterday he brought me pretty pink tulips.  So, sweet!

Here is hubby watching the Aggies!  WHOOP! 

More posing....Macy needed my reading glasses to look like her AG doll!  They even have matching PJ's. 

You know whats really funny.....When your daddy falls asleep while watching the Aggies, you put a doll in his lap and take a picture.  Now, that is funny.  ;)

He then wakes up when he hears the Blue Bell come out of the fridge.  Don't you love how now Macy and Addy have on Hawaiian leis?  She is always dressing up.  For Christmas my mom gave her a AG Scarf set.  The bad thing is is that you have to knit it yourself.  Well, those that know me, know that I don't knit.  So, opening up the package was a little overwhelming.  Have no fear, I opened it and have started it.  It really isn't "knitting" it's more like making pom-pom balls and then sewing them together.  It has been fun.  Yesterday, she asked if I could hurry up and finish them before its summer.  Geez, I'm tryin'.

I hope that you have all had a wonderful and relaxing weekend.  Enjoy every minute....

Thursday, January 06, 2011

A little of this and that

I have been sitting here for a while trying to think of something to blog about. Why is it that when I want to blog I can't think of an important thing to say? Or, when I sit down for a little blogging time someone in my family needs something. It's always the teenager. He just asked me for the stapler. It is in the same place it has been for 5 years(ish).

I guess I can ramble a bit. Let's see.

**School is back in session! Can I get a praise and a glory? I love my kids, don't get me wrong but when they are in school I get so much done. Like, today, I went to the movies with my husband. Don't judge...the laundry, dishes and dusting can wait.

**Report cards came home today for the teenager and he made all A's and B's! I am so proud of him. He works really hard balancing his school work and sports. There are nights when he stays up until midnight doing homework. Then up and bright eyed and bushy tailed (well, that might be over-doing it) ready to go again. He is a great kid and I am proud to be his mama.

**Macy gets her report card tomorrow and I know she will have great grades as well. She LOVES homework. I'm sure that won't last much longer but for now I love it. I know my time is coming, especially when she gets older, when she will dread it. Like, next year when we have to do a science fair project. Man, can I tell you how much I hate that. I think they are stupid. But, that's a whole 'nother story. Hey, I wonder if I could use one of Reid's old ones. I am pretty sure they are in the garage.

**Our house is still on the market. {{sigh}} We are still not sure of God's plan for us but we are hopeful that things will work out.

**I am sitting here listening to my son and hubby laugh about this commerical. They love it. It just came on and we all looked at each other and cracked up. For some reason, I can't remember how to get YouTube to work on my blog....ugh!!! So, click on it if you want a chuckle.

**I finally picked a word for 2011! I know....its a shocker! I don't think I have ever had one. I was trying to remember if I did last year. I guess I didn't since it didn't make much of an impression. haha! So, hold on to your hats. I know you are so excited...{{insert sarcasm here}}...all my 10 followers. My word is DREAM. I will elaborate more on that later.

**I am working on my scriptures for this year. I am also following Beth Moore's scripture team. We are to pick two verses a month..on the 1st and the 15. I am so excited to get started. I have done this since 2009 and have loved it. Now, don't get me wrong, there are months when I don't do as good as I would like. But, thank goodness for grace...and new mercies every morning! So, my verse for Jan 1-15th is....

"Above all else, guard your heart for it is the wellspring of life." Proverbs 4:23
**Oh, and one last thing. I am in the market for a new bloggy facelift. If anyone knows of anyone who does that for a good price, please let me know. I have been looking around but not sure of who to use. There are a lot of good ones out there in bloggy land but some are a little out of my price range. Who knows, maybe I can teach myself how to do it....

Saturday, January 01, 2011


Happy 1-1-11 everyone! I love when the date does cool number sequences. Like when it was 8-9-10. I know. I'm weird. I can't believe it is 2011...where does the time go?

We rang in the New Year with some friends and then off to the annual church youth group lock-in. It was a lot of fun. Troy was working so it was just me and the kids. Macy and I left the church after a wild game of Romans and Christians. My kids LOVE that game. They have been playing that game for ever and I am glad they keep it going. There has been quite a few injuries over the years....these kids take it seriously. I'm just glad our AWESOME youth minister keeps it going. It is like a wild game of hide and the dark. The Romans are trying to catch the Christians. You kind of have to be there to see it. ha! You couldn't pay me to play. I hate people chasing me. Macy even played. The teenage girls are so sweet to her. She thinks she is one of the girls!

I guess Macy and I left around 2:30am. I know, I am a bad mom. But, in my defense my kids are night owls. She was getting sleepy and I was too. I kept thinking of all the crazies that would be on the road and whispered a little prayer for me and my baby girl. Let me tell you, I am so glad I did. God totally protected us last night. I was at a stop light....with no one else around, fixing to go and I see a truck coming towards us and he has lost control of his vehicle. He skidded off the road and hit a short brick wall at the building across from us. Thankfully, he didn't run through the light I was sitting at....yikes! There was no one else around so I called 911. The dudes air bag came out and I had no idea if he was OK or not. I feel bad but I wasn't going to get out of my car. I was scared he was a crazy drunk or something. Macy was in the back crying like we were in the wreck so I hated to get out and scare the pants off her. Poor thing. I pulled off the road and watched the car and saw a man get out of the passenger seat. He looked fine but I have no idea how many people were inside. I asked the lady on the phone if I should get out and check on them and she told me I could go because emergency was on its way. I still feel bad about leaving and hope that they weren't hurt. When we got home Macy and I snuggled in my bed and I was so thankful we were OK. Macy even prayed for the man in the car.....sweet girl.

So, I hope 2011 is good to started out a little crazy. As far as New Years resolutions...I have nothing. I think that this year I am just going to kind of fly by the seat of my pants. The only 2 things I want to improve is my prayer life and learn more scripture and I don't think that qualifies as a resolution. ;)

Happy New year from our family to yours.....