Saturday, January 01, 2011


Happy 1-1-11 everyone! I love when the date does cool number sequences. Like when it was 8-9-10. I know. I'm weird. I can't believe it is 2011...where does the time go?

We rang in the New Year with some friends and then off to the annual church youth group lock-in. It was a lot of fun. Troy was working so it was just me and the kids. Macy and I left the church after a wild game of Romans and Christians. My kids LOVE that game. They have been playing that game for ever and I am glad they keep it going. There has been quite a few injuries over the years....these kids take it seriously. I'm just glad our AWESOME youth minister keeps it going. It is like a wild game of hide and the dark. The Romans are trying to catch the Christians. You kind of have to be there to see it. ha! You couldn't pay me to play. I hate people chasing me. Macy even played. The teenage girls are so sweet to her. She thinks she is one of the girls!

I guess Macy and I left around 2:30am. I know, I am a bad mom. But, in my defense my kids are night owls. She was getting sleepy and I was too. I kept thinking of all the crazies that would be on the road and whispered a little prayer for me and my baby girl. Let me tell you, I am so glad I did. God totally protected us last night. I was at a stop light....with no one else around, fixing to go and I see a truck coming towards us and he has lost control of his vehicle. He skidded off the road and hit a short brick wall at the building across from us. Thankfully, he didn't run through the light I was sitting at....yikes! There was no one else around so I called 911. The dudes air bag came out and I had no idea if he was OK or not. I feel bad but I wasn't going to get out of my car. I was scared he was a crazy drunk or something. Macy was in the back crying like we were in the wreck so I hated to get out and scare the pants off her. Poor thing. I pulled off the road and watched the car and saw a man get out of the passenger seat. He looked fine but I have no idea how many people were inside. I asked the lady on the phone if I should get out and check on them and she told me I could go because emergency was on its way. I still feel bad about leaving and hope that they weren't hurt. When we got home Macy and I snuggled in my bed and I was so thankful we were OK. Macy even prayed for the man in the car.....sweet girl.

So, I hope 2011 is good to started out a little crazy. As far as New Years resolutions...I have nothing. I think that this year I am just going to kind of fly by the seat of my pants. The only 2 things I want to improve is my prayer life and learn more scripture and I don't think that qualifies as a resolution. ;)

Happy New year from our family to yours.....


Lacie said...

oh girl...No you do not get out of your car!!! So sweet of Macy to pray. Sounds like a great way to start the prayer for someone else. Hmmmm...sounds like your "prayer non-resolution" started off great!

I love your family picture...I may take it off you blog and put it in my I have your ok??

I hope you have a wonderful 2011.

I'm cooking black-eyed peas as I type :)!

jody said...

Great new year's day post, dearie! I am trying to learn more scripture, too, this year. Join me on Beth Moore's scripture memory team (look on her blog!) I know I'm old, so I am really praying God will help my memory! Love you, Jojo

Heather said...

Lacie...of course you can take it off my blog. :) I am going to do the same with your family picture.

JoJo...I will join you on Beth's scripture memory team. I did it last year but didn't memorize as much as I wanted. I got my little flip book and everything. :) Love u!

jody said...

Oh great! An accountability partner! I will need it. I am struggling to memorize my first one. My brain has "old cells". ha!

Holly said...

Oh my goodness! I bet your heart was thumping out of your chest! I wouldn't have gotten out either--or maybe ONLY if other cars & people were there too---but it's great you called and the sweet Macy prayed for him. Love that!

I think your goals are perfect! I need to claim them as mine too. :) I'm doing the spiral scripture thingie again too--so Aunt Jody has another accountability partner too. :)

Happy New Year!!

Holly said...

Oh, I forgot--your family photo is FAB!! Hooray for self-timers, huh?