Sunday, April 27, 2008

Today she is 6!!!

I am so scared that I will wake up tomorrow and my baby will be 16. Today she is 6. I am so proud of her and love her more than she will ever know. She makes my life complete.
I love you baby girl. Happy 6th birthday.

Friday, April 18, 2008

March of Dimes

It was 4 years ago that I met my sweet nephews. It was also 4 years ago that I said good-bye to them and kissed their tiny cheeks. They were born way too day before they were 24 weeks, to be exact. We all miss them everyday and they will be forever in our memory. They are precious angels and I am a better person having known them.

On April 27th...our family walks for them. Ashley and I have talked about this for years and now to have it become a reality is so awesome. Please visit my site here to see my March of Dimes page/team. We are super excited about this little adventure and to walk 5 miles together. We are hoping to raise as much money as we can for The March of Dimes. They are such a wonderful organization and help so many families every day. We are thankful for them. If you can, please help support Team Brock and Brody. We will walk not only for Brock and Brody but for families all across the nation whose babies are born way too early.
Thank you so much for your help and support. Love you all.....

Monday, April 14, 2008

Today I was picked for a Meme by Vintage Dutch Girl. Thanks so much! You are too sweet. I will try to see what I can pull out of my favorite category. I have way too many. Which tells me I am on the computer way to much. HA!
Just copy paste THIS and everything below up until my Five links:
I thought it would be cool to have a meme where we post links. We can post up to five. Then we tell five more people to share their links. If we all share who tagged us, our links are sure to be seen! They can be business links, favorite sites, affiliate links, whatever you want…
There are Five Rules:
1. MUST be clean. No R rated sites.
2. Only FIVE links.
3. MUST tell 5 people.
4. A link back to the person who tagged you
My Five Links:
1. is my Sissy's site. Her photos are awesome. You need to check it out. She has some really pretty models, too!! :)
2. love this site. I love to bead but never have the money or time. I like to get on this site for ideas and to learn more about what is new and upcoming.
3. like to get on this site to see what times all my classes start. They change them weekly. I try to hit one or two classes a yoga, aerobics or spinning...when I feel adventurous. I have to be honest and tell you its been a while..but you gets crazy.
4. BLOGS, BLOGS and more BLOGS- I can't even tell you how many of those I look at a day. Its so addicting.
5. have to check my mail...every hour. ha! There is always some sort of interesting news or tidbit on there, too.
So, there you have it. A list of sites you might want to check out. Sorry they are not highlighted so you can click on them to get right to the site. Of all the things...I have no idea how to do that. HA! As much as I love my computer there are things that I just haven't learned yet. I'm a little slow....hee hee
1. Ashley
2. Neena
3. JD
4. Jenna
5. Hollie

Friday, April 11, 2008

Friday Ramblings

**Little League Baseball has taken over our lives. Fun as it is major time consuming. Reid is still enjoying it but is a little scared of the ball this year. He is in the Majors now and the ball seems to be going extra fast. At his game last week there was a boy on the other team that was 6 foot tall....I kid you not. What are these parents feeding their children. I had to go to Academy to invest in a batting helmet with a face mask. HA! Anyway, we had opening day a couple of weekends was too fun. Complete with parade and all. So you like my sign....once a cheerleader....always a cheerleader. HA!

**Macy is still loving dance. Her recital is coming up and every hour or so we get a taste of what we will see. She dances all over the house. We have a CD in the car of all the songs for the recital and personally only a few of the songs are really good. The others are really getting on my nerves.

**We went on a school field trip to the H-town zoo. Taking 6 Kindergarten classes to the zoo is well.....a zoo!

**Macy had a Kindergarten Spring Show. It was farm theme....really sweet. I got teary eyed ALOT! I just know how fast time flies and it makes my heart hurt. Really bad. Isn't she a cute cow?

**Can you believe that Michael Johns got voted off of American Idol?? I was shocked. I like him alot. I think Kristy Lee Cook should have got the boot weeks ago. Maybe I'm just jealous. That was my dream, you know. I wish they would have had AI when I was a youngster.

**I got my toes done today. I shouldn't have spent money on that but ,hey, it was a weak moment. I felt I needed a little pampering. For some reason I felt blue and a pedicure sounded like what I needed.

**Do you ever feel like you are not being a good friend? I have some things on my heart.

**My house is looks like a bomb went off. I have laundry that would probably stretch from here to Smithville, my kitchen is a wreck, I need to vaccuum and my bathrooms.....yuck! So, you know what I will be doing tonight. I don't think I can lay my head down until I clean a little.

**My sweet neice is having her 1st birthday party this weekend. We are all so excited and love her so much. She is such a blessing and an answered prayer. I think I might just take a bounce in the bounce house in her honor! I hope I don't pop it.

**Thats another thing...Weight Watchers stinks. No really, I have been doing it for a few weeks and the pounds are not coming off as fast as I would like. I hate diets.

**Can I just tell you how much I love my new Mary Jane Crocs...
**Macy is going to see High School Musical on ice tomorrow morning. She is way excited.

**I am going to be 35 soon....that freaks me out.

**I've had a bad hair day today. And yesterday. And the day before that.

am i whining? :)

Have a great weekend everyone!!

Friday, April 04, 2008

Rodeo days....

This post is going a little back in time but I had to share some Rodeo pictures. We had such a great time. Ash and BA took us to Rascal Flatts and Troy and I took them to see Brad Paisley. They were both really good but I think Rascal Flatts were my favorite. They are so good. The kids had fun too. The rodeo wouldn't be complete without spending a million dollars at the carnival and eating Turkey legs...ha!

Avery's first concert! She loved it!

We loved Rascal Flatts!

I think he was singing to me! :)

Macy really climbed this rock wall! Can you believe it? She even got a purple seal thing for ringing the bell at the top.

The family enjoying a day at the carnival? (See the seal?) HA!

Posing with Elsie the Cow. Avery and Macy loved her!

OH NO! Watch out! The bull is coming!

Avery and Reid.....Reid was so proud she was sporting a St Louis Cardinals hat!

Mom and Macy

Oh, he was singing to me too!

Uncle Troy and Avery listening to some tunes.

I think he is too old for concerts.....

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Fun little survey

Saw this online and thought it was fun. Enjoy your Wednesday!

1.YOUR ROCK STAR NAME (first pet, current car): Spitz Expedition

2.YOUR GANGSTA NAME (fave ice cream flavor, favorite type of shoe): Chocolate Flippy

3.YOUR NATIVE AMERICAN NAME (favorite color, favorite animal): Pink Flamingo

4.YOUR SOAP OPERA NAME (middle name, city where you were born): Denise Austin

5.YOUR STAR WARS NAME (the first 3 letters of your last name, first 2 of your first name): Sabhe

6.SUPERHERO NAME (2nd favorite color, favorite drink): Red Crystal Light

7.NASCAR NAME (the first names of your grandfathers): Ruben James

8.STRIPPER NAME ( the name of your favorite perfume/cologne/scent, favorite candy): Pleasures Taffy

9.TV WEATHER ANCHOR NAME (your 5th grade teacher’s last name, a major city that starts with the same letter): Douthitt Dallas

10.SPY NAME: (your favorite season/holiday, flower): Fall Gerber Daisy

11.CARTOON NAME: (favorite fruit, article of clothing you’re wearing right now): Orange Running shirt

12.HIPPIE NAME: (What you ate for breakfast, your favorite tree): Fiber One Pecan