Friday, April 11, 2008

Friday Ramblings

**Little League Baseball has taken over our lives. Fun as it is major time consuming. Reid is still enjoying it but is a little scared of the ball this year. He is in the Majors now and the ball seems to be going extra fast. At his game last week there was a boy on the other team that was 6 foot tall....I kid you not. What are these parents feeding their children. I had to go to Academy to invest in a batting helmet with a face mask. HA! Anyway, we had opening day a couple of weekends was too fun. Complete with parade and all. So you like my sign....once a cheerleader....always a cheerleader. HA!

**Macy is still loving dance. Her recital is coming up and every hour or so we get a taste of what we will see. She dances all over the house. We have a CD in the car of all the songs for the recital and personally only a few of the songs are really good. The others are really getting on my nerves.

**We went on a school field trip to the H-town zoo. Taking 6 Kindergarten classes to the zoo is well.....a zoo!

**Macy had a Kindergarten Spring Show. It was farm theme....really sweet. I got teary eyed ALOT! I just know how fast time flies and it makes my heart hurt. Really bad. Isn't she a cute cow?

**Can you believe that Michael Johns got voted off of American Idol?? I was shocked. I like him alot. I think Kristy Lee Cook should have got the boot weeks ago. Maybe I'm just jealous. That was my dream, you know. I wish they would have had AI when I was a youngster.

**I got my toes done today. I shouldn't have spent money on that but ,hey, it was a weak moment. I felt I needed a little pampering. For some reason I felt blue and a pedicure sounded like what I needed.

**Do you ever feel like you are not being a good friend? I have some things on my heart.

**My house is looks like a bomb went off. I have laundry that would probably stretch from here to Smithville, my kitchen is a wreck, I need to vaccuum and my bathrooms.....yuck! So, you know what I will be doing tonight. I don't think I can lay my head down until I clean a little.

**My sweet neice is having her 1st birthday party this weekend. We are all so excited and love her so much. She is such a blessing and an answered prayer. I think I might just take a bounce in the bounce house in her honor! I hope I don't pop it.

**Thats another thing...Weight Watchers stinks. No really, I have been doing it for a few weeks and the pounds are not coming off as fast as I would like. I hate diets.

**Can I just tell you how much I love my new Mary Jane Crocs...
**Macy is going to see High School Musical on ice tomorrow morning. She is way excited.

**I am going to be 35 soon....that freaks me out.

**I've had a bad hair day today. And yesterday. And the day before that.

am i whining? :)

Have a great weekend everyone!!


Hollie Reese said... have a lot on your mind! I am so excited to see you guys on Sat! Riley has been talking about it all week!!!

Lynn said...

I am missing you guys lots and can't wait until tomorrow. It sounds like you need to "rock" when you get here. Sorry about all the STUFF. As Tawana says, "It'll be over in a minute." Tomorrow will be brighter. Your toes deserved it if it made you feel better. I LOVE YOU

maria said...

Oh, Heather!! All of these Friday ramblings just remind me of why I love you so much--you are such a real person. I'm sure I've felt all of those feelings (on a regular basis!!)--especially about not being a good friend. :( Anyway, I think so much of you and I think you are one of the most loving, giving, selfless moms (and friends) I know. You are truly a rarity in this world. I'm just glad I get to call you my friend. Love ya bunches!

Anonymous said...

You can whine anytime you want to girl...all the good you do for everyone around you makes you able to get your toes done when you are blue...are your toes blue? :O) I tried to get Jim to get me mary jane dice...gotta get a pair! Ramble on anytime! Hope your sweet neice had a blast of a first birthday! Talk to you soon!!!

Giggi said...

Love all of your ramblings. Sounds like a typical week in the life of a mom. Pedicures are cheap therapy! I bet I can fix you up on go cards stuff! We have about 20 years worth! Love you!

BriteCloud said...

You have had a busy week, and added to that was bringing dinner to my sweet family.

We appreciated it so much, and it was so good! I had to ration the cake because the kids could have eaten it in one sitting. It's gone, by the way. :)

You have earned that pedicure!

Love ya,

Deanna said...

You are NOT a bad friend!!!! Don't ever say that again! Do you hear me?? LOL

Vintage Dutch Girl said...

I understand the once a cheerleader...always a cheerleader phrase :) Taught you many lifelong skillz, huh?

Tagged you for a meme...