Friday, September 25, 2009

Friday Feelings...

Today I feel...

*Blessed by my sweet family...

*Sad that some lady who was in front of me in line at lunch today felt the need to drop the S-bomb...very loudly. I mean, come on people.

*FULL! I had a great lunch, great chit-chat, good mango tea with one of my besties.

*So glad that is fall! I have loved the weather the last few makes me want to buy a new jacket and start my fireplace.

*Happy that my hubby is off today.

*Is parched...I might might need a cup of coffee to get me through the rest of the day! :)

*Relieved that it is Friday! TGIF!

*Sad for a close family friend who lost her battle with breast cancer. Praying for her family!

*Crazy because I feel so unorganized....As I look around I see piles of stuff everywhere. I mean, what do people do with paperwork??

*Excited for next week....I have a hair appointment. Can I get a WOO-HOO! The hair is driving me nuts....

*Ready for Friday Football tonight!

How do you feel today? Have a great weekend....

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Great is the Lord

I tell you, that girl of mine never ceases to amaze me. She picked out this perfect verse just for you on this glorious Sunday. I saw her working hard and had my scripture book with her. She could have wrote anything, like "I love the Jon*as Brothers, but instead chose to remind us of our Father and his love for us. We did have to talk about the word "fathom"...haha! I guess that word isn't on the spelling list for 2nd grade. I love that girl....She has the sweetest little heart.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Saturday Snippets

** I am here to say that I AM challenging myself to the 30 day shred...TODAY! So, Day one down....29 more to go. I have to do something to get my lazy bum up and going. I will keep you posted. Just in case you want to know. I won't post my weight for the whole world to see but I will let you know if indeed the 30 day shred does what it promises. Wish me luck...Jillian Mi*chaels is one tough cookie. I might cry.

** The football scrimmage was great! To be honest, it was quite funny. There were 2 games going on the field at once. We had 7th grade A team on one side vs. the opponent and B team playing on the other side vs. the opponent...I guess that is one way to get the game done before 10:00. Thank you, coaches. Reid did a good job considering it was his first football game....EVER! I am really excited for next week and his first REAL game in his REAL jersey. I love watching that boy play his sports. He's so athletic...I guess he takes after his momma....NOT! haha

Pictures will soon follow...

** I am ready for all the new Fall shows to start...I am having withdrawals. I have a lot of favorites but Grey's Anatomy is one of my all time favorites. It starts September 24 and I am super excited. So, unless it is an absolute emergency, don't call me on that date between 8 and 10pm. ha!

** If you are still reading my blog, won't you please be a follower? Oh, please, what do I have to do? Beg? I have 3 lonely followers. Maybe, I will have a contest. Yeah, that's what I'll do....Stay tuned. I'm gonna have a great give-away.

I love comments, too. Come on, make me smile.

**I finally have some quiet time today. The kids are upstairs doing who knows what and at this point I am ok with that. I am pretty sure that Reid is watching some football and during commericals there are video games involved. Macy is singing, playing with Barbies and there is some dancing going on up there. Macy just informed me that she needs a mirror in her room so when she dances or gets up in the morning she can see herself. Well, I do aim to please.

I hope you all have a fantastic Saturday!

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

I've been feeling old lately...don't know why. Just noticing a few more wrinkles here and there. I have made a few trips to the local mall for all the latest in face care. Who knows how much money I've spent. I know that "it is what it is" and I know that I am blessed for everyday God gives me. But, if I can help those little wrinkles around the eyes, I will. :) Is that vain? I don't mean to be so paranoid about it but yesterday after I picked Macy up from school I wondered if all that eye cream was really doing its job.....Here's the conversation:

Macy: "Mom, were you alive when George Washington was alive?"


Guess I need to head back to the mall for some more face cream.

What do you use to give those old wrinkles a kick in the pants??