Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Diamonds are a girls best friend


Today we decided to run some errands at the mall. A last minute decision sent us to Merle Norman for a little ear piercing. HA! Macy has been bugging me for a while about getting her ears pierced. I have been a little hesistant about it. I guess because we weren't allowed to have our ears pierced until we were teenagers. :)

We met up with a friend and her daughter wanted he ears pierced, too. So, we decided to do it together. Needless to say, the other girl was too scared and backed out BUT Macy REALLY wanted hers done so she sucked it up and just did it. After they did the first ear she said that she only wanted one earring and she didn't want to do the other one. TOO BAD!! SO, I had to hold her down while the lady pierced the other one. After it was over she was so proud of herself!! And of course, we had to reward our accomplishments with a sugar cookie from the Cookie Company! :) Fun Times....


She even picked out her "diamond earrings"...HA

This was the first ear. We had to take a break between ears so she calmed down enough for me to snap a picture. **And BTW, they do do both ears at the same time...but of course, I came on the wrong day and she was too excited to back out and come back.

I tried to snap a picture of her after they were all done but it didn't turn out. You couldn't really see the earrings so I decided to use the close up. She really looks cute with her new look....it makes her look so grown up. My babies are growing up so fast I can hardly stand it. :)

Monday, November 20, 2006

Ya like my piggies?

We got to go the Houston Zoo with Macy's dance class. This has been a few weeks ago but I thought I'd post this cute pic of her on the Merry-go-round. She LOVES riding that thing. I thought she looked so cute in her little pig tails. She insisted that I braid her piggies on this day. She told me she looked gorgeous. And, well, she did. But then I am bias. :)

We got to see the cute little baby elephant. I didn't get a pic because there were so many people all around. He had just been born about a week before. He was pretty cute. His name is Mac. I thought that was pretty cute, too.

Reid didn't get to go because we went on a school day. I told Macy not to tell him because it might hurt his feelings and she said she wouldn't. SO, when we picked him up from the car line guess what she said. Yep, you guessed it...."Hey Bubba. We got to go to the zoo today and you didn't." ha

I thought I might brag on Reid for a minute. He tried out for the CL boys basketball assoc. last week. There were 35 boys trying out in his age group and they only had 4 openings. We were a little nervous about him trying out but he really wanted to. I just didn't want him to be sad if he didn't make it. And guess what...that little turkey made it. He was so excited. The practices start after T'giving and games start after X-mas. We will be busy AGAIN!! It will be fun though.

I can't believe that it is Thanksgiving already. This year has flown by. We have so many blessings this year and so many things to be thankful for. God is SO good.......

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Happy late Halloween

I guess better late than never with the Halloween pictures. We had a fun time trick or treating with friends. This is Macy the mermaid and Reid the ninja...aren't they cute?? :) They got SO much candy. But at the rate that Macy eats it, it will be gone by Christmas. I'm really scared to take her to the dentist. HA

I made Macy some really cute flip flops with sequins glued on but by the time we got out of the car they had all fallen off.... oh, well...so much for that bright idea.

Reid eating all his LOOT! I caught him with a mouth full of chocolate. He loves Hersheys milk chocolate candy bars. But, then again don't we all. He likes getting candy but Trick or treating has never been his thing. Getting him to dress up has always been like pulling teeth. I remember his first halloween he cried all up and down the streets..he was the cutest little Barney ever! But, he doesn't like draw any attention to himself!

Now,Macy...she had 3...count them 3...halloween costumes! She was a cute Tinkerbell at her school, a black cat at her dance class and Ariel on Halloween night. She LOVES dressing up and always has. I guess that's just a girl thing. This picture was taken at school before her Halloween parade. She was so excited. After the parade we loaded up all the 3's and 4's and took them to the rest home to trick or treat. That was an interesting trip.... :)