Saturday, November 11, 2006

Happy late Halloween

I guess better late than never with the Halloween pictures. We had a fun time trick or treating with friends. This is Macy the mermaid and Reid the ninja...aren't they cute?? :) They got SO much candy. But at the rate that Macy eats it, it will be gone by Christmas. I'm really scared to take her to the dentist. HA

I made Macy some really cute flip flops with sequins glued on but by the time we got out of the car they had all fallen off.... oh, much for that bright idea.

Reid eating all his LOOT! I caught him with a mouth full of chocolate. He loves Hersheys milk chocolate candy bars. But, then again don't we all. He likes getting candy but Trick or treating has never been his thing. Getting him to dress up has always been like pulling teeth. I remember his first halloween he cried all up and down the streets..he was the cutest little Barney ever! But, he doesn't like draw any attention to himself!

Now,Macy...she had 3...count them 3...halloween costumes! She was a cute Tinkerbell at her school, a black cat at her dance class and Ariel on Halloween night. She LOVES dressing up and always has. I guess that's just a girl thing. This picture was taken at school before her Halloween parade. She was so excited. After the parade we loaded up all the 3's and 4's and took them to the rest home to trick or treat. That was an interesting trip.... :)


Lynn said...

I only wish they could have trick or treated with me. They look so PRECIOUS. They crack me up with their sweet differences. MISS and LOVE you all.

nana said...

Reid and Macy are the cutest trick or treaters I saw anywhere. Good to talk to you and can't wait for you to get here. Love you all----nana

Ashley said...

Those pictures are so cute!! I remember when Reid was Barney. Where did my baby go?

Hollie Reese said...

How cute! You will have to save those costumes for Riley...We hope to see you this week!

Giggi said...

Cute costumes! Wish I could've seen them in person! I think I've picked all the hershey bars out of Whitney's bucket! I'll be glad when it's no longer around to tempt me! Just in time for Christmas goodies! ha! How's the marathoning going? Burn a few calories for me! Love ya, Aunt Kathy