Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Diamonds are a girls best friend


Today we decided to run some errands at the mall. A last minute decision sent us to Merle Norman for a little ear piercing. HA! Macy has been bugging me for a while about getting her ears pierced. I have been a little hesistant about it. I guess because we weren't allowed to have our ears pierced until we were teenagers. :)

We met up with a friend and her daughter wanted he ears pierced, too. So, we decided to do it together. Needless to say, the other girl was too scared and backed out BUT Macy REALLY wanted hers done so she sucked it up and just did it. After they did the first ear she said that she only wanted one earring and she didn't want to do the other one. TOO BAD!! SO, I had to hold her down while the lady pierced the other one. After it was over she was so proud of herself!! And of course, we had to reward our accomplishments with a sugar cookie from the Cookie Company! :) Fun Times....


She even picked out her "diamond earrings"...HA

This was the first ear. We had to take a break between ears so she calmed down enough for me to snap a picture. **And BTW, they do do both ears at the same time...but of course, I came on the wrong day and she was too excited to back out and come back.

I tried to snap a picture of her after they were all done but it didn't turn out. You couldn't really see the earrings so I decided to use the close up. She really looks cute with her new look....it makes her look so grown up. My babies are growing up so fast I can hardly stand it. :)


Lynn said...

That red ear makes me hurt! My poor little princess. How beautiful. She will never regret it. With 2 grandmothers who love "bling bling" how could she miss. LOVE YOU ALL

mindy tyndall said...

You children are getting so big! This post reminded me of my girls getting their ears pierced. We were very close to an elder and his wife and she LOVED our kids and so she asked if on the girl's 6th birthdays, she could take them to get their ears pierced. This was their special gift from Mrs. Calvert. Some people were alarmed that they were so young...even I was skeptical since I was 20 before I got up the nerve to do it. But it is a special memory and I love looking back at their pictures and seeing their sweet little earrings and knowing that they had such a good time doing that with someone so special to them!
Oh well, Macy is darling...grown so much from that little toddler who looked like a princess at Matt and Christine's wedding and is growing up so fast! The princess thing...don't ever give that up. Check out my blog to read about MY "little princess". I don't think they ever outgrow that!
Happy Thanksgiving!
Hugs - Mindy

Ashley said...

This absolutely cracks me up! I wish I could have been there and heard her scream.. ha ha ha!!

I remember getting my ears pierced when I was going into the 1st grade. Mom had taken us school shopping and Dad told her that I couldnt have my ears pierced yet. Well we did it and when we got home I remember Mom telling me to hide my ears with my hair. ha ha ha. I think that was also one of the nights of shopping that Mom told us to only take 1 bag in and we could get the rest out of the car when Dad went to sleep. HA HA!

Ah, the good ole days.

Love you sissy.

Giggi said...

Oh, Ashley is a tattle tale!!! I can't believe Lynn would ever be sneaky! Love Macy's earrings! Diamonds are always a good choice - you're training her well! Can't believe how fast your kids are growing up! I remember getting my ears pierced when I was 13. I was in the valley with Jan, and her uncle Ruben did it with a needle and thread! Ouch! What we'll do for a little sparkle! Love ya, Kathy