Monday, November 20, 2006

Ya like my piggies?

We got to go the Houston Zoo with Macy's dance class. This has been a few weeks ago but I thought I'd post this cute pic of her on the Merry-go-round. She LOVES riding that thing. I thought she looked so cute in her little pig tails. She insisted that I braid her piggies on this day. She told me she looked gorgeous. And, well, she did. But then I am bias. :)

We got to see the cute little baby elephant. I didn't get a pic because there were so many people all around. He had just been born about a week before. He was pretty cute. His name is Mac. I thought that was pretty cute, too.

Reid didn't get to go because we went on a school day. I told Macy not to tell him because it might hurt his feelings and she said she wouldn't. SO, when we picked him up from the car line guess what she said. Yep, you guessed it...."Hey Bubba. We got to go to the zoo today and you didn't." ha

I thought I might brag on Reid for a minute. He tried out for the CL boys basketball assoc. last week. There were 35 boys trying out in his age group and they only had 4 openings. We were a little nervous about him trying out but he really wanted to. I just didn't want him to be sad if he didn't make it. And guess what...that little turkey made it. He was so excited. The practices start after T'giving and games start after X-mas. We will be busy AGAIN!! It will be fun though.

I can't believe that it is Thanksgiving already. This year has flown by. We have so many blessings this year and so many things to be thankful for. God is SO good.......


Ashley said...

Awww...cutie patootie. I'm glad that y'all had fun at the zoo and sad for Reid that he didn't get to go. Good ole' Macy and her mouth! ha ha!!

Yeah for Reid making the basketball team. I am still so proud of him. You know where he gets his basketball skills? Yep, you guessed it....ME! ha!

Can't wait to see you on Thursday for Turkey Day! Pack the kids some dressy clothes and we can play with my camera! Love you!

Lynn said...

Of course she is beautiful. She is my grandchild. I can barely breathe waiting on all 8 1/2 of yall to get here.

nana said...

You don't have to tell me what smart, cute, good kids you have. I already know. They are both mighty smart and cute in my book. So good being with you all and the Allens today. Love you much-------Nana

Giggi said...

Love the piggies! We should all have so much joy over such simple things as piggies & merry go rounds & baby elephants! Time to stop & count our blessings! Happy Thanksgiving! Love ya, Kathy