Saturday, January 17, 2009


I saw this shirt today and ALMOST bought it. It really made me laugh. Troy and I are running the Houston Aramco Half Marathon together tomorrow. Now, when I say together I mean we are driving there together. He will not stay with me on the route. He will smoke me. It's ok. Really. There is a side of me that really wants to beat him but knows that will not happen. He's a speedy little thing. I guess the part that really chaps my hide is that he didn't train as long as I did. But, I guess thats a guy for you. Oh well, it will be fun to say we did a race together. Who knows, I might go back and get the shirt tomorrow just for the memory. And the laugh. :)

Sunday, January 11, 2009

I fought the avocado and the avocado won....

I am typing with one this will be short, sweet, and to the point. Yesterday, I was trying to get the seed out of an avocado and the knife slipped and went right through the avocado and though my hand. Yes, I said THROUGH my hand...between the thumb and index finger. I couldn't believe it when I saw it. I pulled the knife out, (I know your are not supposed to but it was just instinct) and about fainted and joke. Troy and Reid were not was just me and Macy. I freaked out, quietly, and ran out the front door to my neighbors house. She wasn't home but her husband was. He helped me get the bleeding under control and drove me to the ER. It seemed like an eternity to get there, for Troy to get there, and then another 3 hours before I got to see a doctor. Talk about throbbing pain for 3 hours.....YIKES! The good news is that I didn't hit any nerves, bone, major blood vessel, or tendon. The throbbing pain was caused from the trauma and the air in my hand from me pulling out the knife. Not a bright idea. So, today, I am better. It's just a little sore. FYI, from now on, I will be using a spoon to get the seed out of the avocado. I me dumb.
The knife (see the blood in the middle)....yuck!

After a trip to the ER....

No more avocados for me...for a while!

Now, look who has kitchen duty! YIPPEE!