Saturday, January 08, 2011

Weekend with the Sab's

This weekend has been WONDERFUL!  We have done nothing.  Well, maybe nothing is putting it lightly.  So, when I say nothing I mean we got to stay around here, sleep in a little, and play, play, play!  I love those kind of weekends.  So, here is some of our weekend in fun and crazy pictures.  Note:  I feel like a bad mother because there are more pictures of Macy because she still loves to pose for the camera.  Now, the teenager?  Well, he runs and hides when he sees me coming.  He's a punk.

You might as well JUMP!!!  These two girls are like two peas in a pod.  The only bad thing about us moving is this little girl and her family....these girls love playing together.  Living across the street from a friend is wonderful.  They play and fight just like sisters. 
See, here is my baby posing.   This won't be the first posed picture you will see with her new American Girl doll!  She has LOVED this doll.  It is the best money I have ever spent.  AND Let me tell you these babies cost and arm and a leg but, oh so worth it.  She is growing up so fast and as long as she wants to play with baby dolls it is OK with me.  This doll is supposed to look like her.  It's the AG Just Like Me doll and I think it looks pretty close!  She named her Addison, Addyson or Addisyn.  I am not quite sure.  But, she calls her Addi, Addie, Addy??  ;)

Now, I can get a picture of the teenager if he is moving full speed.  Even then it is hard.  I got a new EOS Canon Rebel T1i a few months ago and let me tell you I have loved, loved, loved it!  I am still trying to figure it out...hence the blurry action shots, but I am learning.  The pictures come out way better than on my old point and shoot.  Especially in the gym.  I never could get any pictures during basketball season because it was too dark in the gym.  But, now they are better and hopefully I can figure out how to get him with our him looking like a blurr.  I love this picture of him because he is totally fighting for the ball.  I love his face!!  Btw, he got the ball, and got a basket!  Yipee!!

See...blurry!  But, in my defense he was running like a mad man.  This boys got SKILLZZZ!!  I think he takes after his momma!

OK, now, this cracks me up.  Yesterday, I was cleaning like crazy because we had a showing on our house.  It is sad that I only clean like crazy when someone comes over.  I mean, don't get me wrong, I clean, but when there is a showing or company it gets a little more TLC.  So, anyway, I was putting up laundry and went into Macy's room and found Addy reading.  She is so smart, especially with her glasses on.  ha!  Love it!

Flash or no flash??  Can you tell the difference?  ;)

If you are ever in a panic and can't find the teenager....HAVE NO FEAR!  He will be in his room playing PS3.  I snuck in and captured this picture and then got a "look" because he didn't want it to end up on Facebook.  ha!  I told him I wasn't.  But, I said nothing about blogger.  Isn't he cute?  Excuse his room, who knows whats on his bed or under the bed for that matter.

As for me, there are no pictures.  I will spare  But, just in case you wondered what my weekend was like, here it is.  I love laundry, don't you?

As I was putting away my laundry, this made me smile.  My sweet hubby always leaves me sweet notes and brings me flowers.  Yesterday he brought me pretty pink tulips.  So, sweet!

Here is hubby watching the Aggies!  WHOOP! 

More posing....Macy needed my reading glasses to look like her AG doll!  They even have matching PJ's. 

You know whats really funny.....When your daddy falls asleep while watching the Aggies, you put a doll in his lap and take a picture.  Now, that is funny.  ;)

He then wakes up when he hears the Blue Bell come out of the fridge.  Don't you love how now Macy and Addy have on Hawaiian leis?  She is always dressing up.  For Christmas my mom gave her a AG Scarf set.  The bad thing is is that you have to knit it yourself.  Well, those that know me, know that I don't knit.  So, opening up the package was a little overwhelming.  Have no fear, I opened it and have started it.  It really isn't "knitting" it's more like making pom-pom balls and then sewing them together.  It has been fun.  Yesterday, she asked if I could hurry up and finish them before its summer.  Geez, I'm tryin'.

I hope that you have all had a wonderful and relaxing weekend.  Enjoy every minute....


Kim said...

So many thoughts swirling through my head! Reid in the leaning chair totally in the PS3 zone, cracks me up! What is it with boys and leaning chairs?

And that sweet, smiling Macy...she will have so many fun memories with Addy. My favorite is of her and Troy with the Blue Bell! HAHHHA

And, Troy gets 5 points for the flowers and note! Good job Troy!

So glad you had a semi-lazy day. We did too and it was SO nice!

Love you!

Holly said...

That is the best kind of weekend, just hanging around spending time together.

Annelise's Carly doll wants to meet Macy's Addy. Cute!
Scott and Reid and Troy should have a gamin' night sometime. Ha!

Lacie said...

Your note was so sweet...You are so blessed with a loving husband :)

Ok, I had to laugh when I saw the ice cream bowls in the last picture. The Sabs and their night snacks...some things never change :) (and I hope they never do!)

Glad you had a wonderful weekend.

Lynn said...

Love this busy Sab post. Such familiar scenes of my babes. Hey, didn't you know Macy is supposed to make the scarf? LOL. Is it too hard? But, I love the jammies. Everytime I see a new picture of Reid, I realize how much he looks like his daddy! Even his legs. Where was a picture of the mommy? LOVE YOU