Saturday, January 15, 2011

Happy Saturday....again!

Has it been a whole week since I blogged?  WOW!  I was going to be so much better at keeping up this year. I am pretty sure I say that every January.  That's why I love the new year, new beginnings.

The scripture memorization is going great!  Proverbs 16:24 will be my new one for the end of January.  I love this verse.  I love how true it is...Pleasant words make all the difference in the world.  Seriously.  Pleasant words and kind looks.  You gotta love some Proverbs!

Now, how do you like my little image? I made it all by myself.  Now, don't laugh at how simple it was...but for me it took a while.  Even though it was easy squisey I still have to toot my horn.  TOOT TOOT! 
I hate tooting my own horn.

But, here it is.  I downloaded Photoshop and it has really tried my patience. My sister came the other day and helped me download some stuff and gave me a mini tutoring session.  She can scoot around PS like a crazy woman  true professional.  What is even more impressive is that she taught herself.  I am so glad she came and helped me out.  Thanks sissy!  She even gave me some really cool brushes and paper.  You can also download them from different sites online.  We got some cool things off of The Pioneer Woman.  She had some free things you could download as well.  And, who doesn't love Ree!  So, all that to say that PS is a whole new ballgame!   Let me tell you it is a BEAR to figure out.  But, if you can get it, its worth a try.  I downloaded the free 30 day trial and I can already tell I am going to need WAY more than 30 days to figure this bear out! 

What's funny is that when I sat down to blog I started to google images for my verse and then I remembered..

Duh, I have Photoshop. 

So, ya better like it. 
Happy Saturday friends, family and all my fabulous followers.  Which who are my friends and family.  ;)  I feel the love.


Kim said...

AWESOME pic with the verse...I'm jealous. You should do that everytime for your scripture memory book... Maybe for your friends too! (hint hint) Have fun with Photoshop - it sounds SUPER cool!

Holly said...

You did GREAT Heather! I'm proud of you for jumping right into PShop and working to make heads or tails of it--good luck as you go!!

That verse is perfect. I'm still stuck trying to choose.

Lynn said...

Love it! Make me one just like it! I wish I would have had PS about 15 years ago. I just don't know if I could figure it out now....the few brain cells I have left I am saving for my next decade. Proud of you for jumping off and figuring it out....proud of Ashley for teaching you. Did yall be sweet? LOL Love you.