Tuesday, July 31, 2007

good day/bad day

Today was great...out to lunch with some friends, to Kohls to shop a little, Walmart for some groceries and to Sonic for a Diet Cherry Limeade! What more could a girl want? :) Well, Macy wanted a slush and the slushy machine was broke...that kind of ruined her day. Well, guess what ruined mine......a DANG ticket.

As we were driving home, I cut through a sub-division to get out of the traffic and accidentally ran (or rolled through) and STOP sign. oops. So, I knew what I did, I deserved the ticket but I didn't deserve the treatment I got when that mean, old, grouchy, police man got out of his car. Now, I'm sure he gets really tired of stopping women who run stop signs, run lights, have fender benders...whatever.....get over it. When he got to my window I politely asked for a warning....it went something like this:

ME: "Sir, do you think you could give me a warning, today?"

HIM: "HPD doesn't give warnings."

ME: "Ok"

HIM: "Registration and License"

(um, did you hear a please?? I don't think so) and he walks back to his car. Then Macy starts crying thinking that I am going to jail and she will never see me again. I guess he takes about 10 minutes....I guess he can't type fast who knows...or maybe my rap sheet was too long....NOT....but come on, how long does it take to write me a ticket. Maybe he's clueless. I think he is.

HIM: "What were you doing in this neighborhood?"

ME: "Coming home from Wal-Mart."

HIM: "Oh, your cutting through?"

I'm thinking...you should be a detective. Um, yeah, Sherlock, I cut through. Is that a crime?

ME: "yes, sir"

Still trying to be nice a friendly, christian attitude. But mad as all get out.

HIM: "Well, you can take defensive driving because our records show you haven't had it in about 3 years."

And I thought...it looks like you haven't had it in 3 years either....no, thats mean! sorry. HA HA


And that was it. No, hi, bye, nothing....you think he could at least be nice for a minute. As I drove away I was mad that I didn't say anything to him. Why didn't I stand up for myself? That makes me mad when I do that. It wouldn't have changed anything but I would have felt better.

I think the thing that really upsets me is that Macy was crying. We have always told her that P.O.s are nice and to always find one if she is lost, or whatever. But, now she is scared of them. She says they are mean. And you know what, today, I think they are mean too. Some people skills is all he needs. Maybe he doesn't have kids, or a family and is just mean like that. Who knows his situation. I ran (rolled thru) the sign, I deserved the ticket but I didn't deserve to be treated like I just robbed a bank. OK....I guess I should get off my soap box and cool off.

Anyone know how to get out of a stupid ticket? Because obviously niceness doesn't work in this big city.


Lacie said...

That MEAN police officer needs to leave my friend and her daughter alone!!

I'm sorry for the P.O. thing but yummy...a diet cherry limeade!!
Gotta think about the good...think about the good (HaHa)!

Lynn said...

OH MY. The nut doesn't fall from the tree, huh? Except I have fender benders. At least in the ville the officers are 1/2 way nice. I am sorry that you and Macy had to go through that! Maybe you should send your blog letter to the HPD and that would make you feel better. Even if no one reads you can find comfort that you might have gotton him a reprimand for being so mean to you! I thought STOP did mean roll....or was that STOP DROP and ROLL . I get them confused! LOVE YOU, you little criminal.

Anonymous said...

All I can say is that policeman needed to get his quota of tickets issued. Sometimes they can be pretty grouchy. You did right though by being nice - you would have been mad at yourself if you had acted as grumpy as he was. I know Macy wont forget that. Seems like I remember Poppi getting a ticket one time that upset 2 little girls pretty much. Love you -- Nana

Heather said...

Thanks for making me feel better! Love you all! :)

Ashley said...

Duh...everyone knows your favorite color is pink. Easy squeasy! ha ha! Sorry the cop was a meanie. I'll go beat him up for you. I would have probably gotten arrested if he acted like that to me.. ha ha!!

Love you and be nice to my dog while I'm gone...

Oh and whats this Tag thing of your favorite movies. You are missing the MOST IMPORTANT MOVIE..and its not on your list. Shall you go back to my blog and re-visit my last post to you??

:) Love you long time

Holly said...

That ol' grouchy pants!! Sorry he wasn't very nice--what's up with that??

I agree with Lacie--dwell on the good and your mom...you little criminal. JK!! :)

Jenna said...

I'm so sorry about that meanie pants... Yuck!

But I want you to know that i was the very first one to vote on your favorite color. Everyone else just copied me. :)

Heather said...

oh, how could I forget Rhinestone? Ok, Ash...I changed it. Please forgive me! HA

silken said...

sounds like a great day, til the copper showed up!

This past Feb. on the way home from a Bball tourney in San Antonio, we decided to drive home that night. So about 10pm we were passing through Gonzales, well, the exit you take off 10 to get to Gonzales. So we are out in the middle of nowhere and I am not speeding! and get pulled over. the guy was nice enough, but I think he was just bored!

He asked where we were going, where we were coming from, about the tourney!, and said he pulled me over because I was following the car in front of me too close! I said, yeah, we were together. I was in my mom's car and the light on the back license plate was out and I couldn't find the insurance card...but he let me go w/ a warning.

but see, they can be a little too friendly...I didn't want a late night conversation, I wanted to get home!!!