Sunday, July 29, 2007

Tag your it

I was tagged by sweet friend Holly to complete a little fun "Did you know?" I think these are so much fun. I will try to remember things...I have a horrible memory. I might have to call my sister to ask her some questions. She remembers EVERYTHING!! Too much if you ask me! Just kidding, sis. HA

Jobs I have had:

1. Gindlers Department Store-Main Street, Smithville. The one and only clothing store in the town. I started working there, I think, when I was a Freshman. I started out wrapping presents and making bows. I got really good at it, if I do say so myself! HA During the summers and after school my Mom worked there with me. We had a fun group of ladies there.
2. Senior in High School....moved on up to the First State Bank. Did a little of everything.
3. College-Wonderland School and Daycare. Watched afterschoolers and worked in the baby room. I really loved that job. I worked there until Troy and I got married. I met some wonerful ladies at that school.
4. NationsBank. Worked there after marriage and until Reid was born. I was a teller and worked in Customer Service. Big Whoop. :)
5. Back in S'ville. First State Bank again. another big whoop.
6. Stay at home most favorite job in the whole world!!

WOW! I have had a lot of jobs. I feel really old. :)

Films I can Watch Over and Over Again:

ALL TIME IS RHINESTONE! :) The best movie ever! HA


1. You've Got Mail
2. Steel Magnolias-a tear jerker!
3. Divine Secets of the YA-YA Sisterhood
4. Ghost- I cry everytime at that stinkin' movie
5. Bring it on. JUST JOKING...Thats for Lacie....ha ha ha ha ha Worst movie EVER!
6. Beaches
7. All the Madea movies! That just cracks me up!

TOO many movies to name....

Places I have Lived:
1. Smithville, TX
2. Lubbock, TX
3. San Marcos, TX
4. Smithville again, TX
5. little town outside of H-town

Favorite TV Shows:
1. Young and the Restless....secert obsession! HA HA not so secret anymore~ HA
2. Man vs Wild....thanks Lacie
3. Greys Anatomy
4. Biggest Loser
5. Amazing Race

Favorite Foods:

1. Coffee-can't live a day without it
2. Mexican Food
3. Crystal Light Rasberry Lemonade

right now I am on a little bitty diet so everything sounds good. Um, even my arm sounds good.

Websites I visit daily:
1. Blogs
2. E-Mail
3. BAF
4. MySpace....shh...another secert obession HA

Places I would rather be:
1. Hanging out with the girls over anything. I love a girls night out. I am always up for one! :)
2. the beach with my family
3. on a cruise with my honey
4. at the pool with my kidos

Hey, Holly, thanks for the tag that was fun. :)

Now I tag some of my favorite family members! HA



Lynn said...

Camp Neena is very busy right now. I think Holly tagged me last week and I really do plan to do it. Right now though....I have more important things to do! Like love and spoil your child. LOVE the rest of you too! Go HENRY.....GO WINNIE......count those bras and Hanes. ( Inside Gindler's joke )

Lacie said...

Beaches! I love that movie!!!
Maybe we can watch it when I come down in August!- Ok, Maybe not...I would probably cry my eyes out!

Gotta Love Man vs Wild!

Giggi said...

Oh dear, I have to figure out how first!

silken said...

our cruise was so awesome! if you want to see picts, go to my did you know blog