Saturday, July 03, 2010

My posts are usually rambles....

Rain, rain go away we want to go outside and play!

It has been raining for days....I feel like I might need to start to build an ark or something. I am also feeling a little crazy because we have been cooped up in the house. We are used to going swimming at the neighborhood pool, going on lunch dates with friends and being out riding our bikes. This being stuck inside is for the birds. I mean, we did need the rain but one day is enough for me. You can only watch so much D*isney Channel and play so many games on your Ninten*do 3 before you need some sunlight.

Sweet baby Braxton....I think he likes being at YaYa's house. :)

I have have an extra little bundle with me this weekend...until Tues...and have loved every minute. You forget how much fun it is having a baby around. My kids have loved having him here, too. I taught Macy how to change a diaper on the first day he was here and the only diaper I have changed is the yucky one. She has done all the other ones. For an 8 year old she is great at changing diapers. She has been a BIG help...she does a great job and will make a super babysitter when she is old enough. Reid is great with him, too, but it's on his time. ha! Oh, the joys of having a teenager. That will be a post in itself soon.

Have a wonderful 4th of July! It looks like rain for us so maybe we will do some sparklers on the deck. :) Gotta go feed the baby!

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Lynn said...

Isn't it quiet with our little bundles gone? You were about Macy's age when Bubs came along and you were great help too. It made you a super mom! See you in a few days. LOVE YOU.