Monday, January 15, 2007

Half Marathon pics #1

A runners friend!! We love GU!!! Of course, my favorite is Espresso Love!! Yummy!! A little coffee while you run never hurt anyone! :)

Robin, Me and Carissa on our GU break. We have to walk a little to get our drinks and GU. Don't you love my fuel belt... HA Why didn't someone tell me that I look like a total geek in that visor??

This was my favorite part of the run. Some men volunteers dressed up like women in PJ's and rollers! HA! They made really ugly women. HA

This is where it all began! Bay Area Fit ROCKS!!

Hey, Hey the gangs all here!! Well, everyone but Heather because she was on the port-o-can! HA HA

I PROMISE (Mom) to write more on the wonderful experience on Sunday. Troy promised he would download some more pics tomight. I have some really cute ones of the kids. I borrowed these pics from a friend. I tried to download a video of me and my girls running through the finish line but it wouldn't let me. If you go to and click on videos then type in my last name you can watch it. If you want. Its really funny. I look like a total shouldn't run if your boobs get in the way....WOW...I wear a sports bra...whats up with that?? ha ha ha ha I know thats a little too much info but its only family who reads this anyway. :)


Lynn said...

OKAY ! I am crying. That was the absolute sweetest thing I have ever seen. I was beaming with pride. It was the same feeling when you were the snowflake or the little dalmation in the dance recital, the speaker at the Jr. High banquet, Miss SHS and all the other millions of awards you won. But especially the snowflake. You are the "G" of what's up.

Lynn said...

I don't know why my post # doesn't show up on your comments on your home page. What's up wit dat G?

Hollie Reese said...

I wrote on Lynn's blog how proud I am of you! Count me in for next year!!!!!

Ashley said...

You are the bomb diggity.