Saturday, August 25, 2012

Well, I just thought I was back on the huffy.  Guess, I'm not.

I just got this odd urge to blog.  Don't know what has come over me.  So, I guess since I am here I should think of something great to say.

NOT! ha

I'm thinking its going to turn into more of a rambling session than anything.  I am so far behind on my blog....there is no way I could ever catch up.

Maybe I should start with Disney.

There is no way on God's green earth I could ever blog about EVERYTHING that happened at Disney.  All I can say is it was the best vacation ever.  If you follow my Facebook and Instagram you saw how silly we were.  I mean I wore Minnie ears all week.  ha!   I have to say that it was worth every single penny.  The look on the kids faces were priceless...all week.  I was worried that Reid and Macy being a little older wouldn't have as much fun.  But, they did!  We did split up a bit and Troy took Reid to ride the roller coasters and Macy and I went on an expedition to find all the characters that we could find.  We finally found Cinderella, I think I cried.  Seriously.  She is my all time favorite.  I wanted to ask her if I could try on her dress but I thought that might be over the line.  ha!   It was a great week of bonding and we loved being together.  I feel more in love with my family....if that's even possible.

We start school on Monday.  I can't believe that I will have a 10th and a 5th grader.  Why is it that everytime I look at them I see a snaggletooth grin and pigtails.  They are so grown up.  I know I say this every year but this year really flew by.  Macy had meet the teacher tonight and she is so excited to have one of her best buddies in her class.  Her teacher seems really nice, too.  I guess we shall see.  ;)  Reid doesn't have meet the teacher and if you even say the word school he gets fired up.  He wants no reminder of school and he could care less about his schedule.  He doesn't even want a new backpack.  He has used the same backpack since 6th grade.  Macy, on the other hand, would never do such a thing.  ha!

Speaking of grown up....Reid is driving.  EVERYWHERE!  He has his permit and has been my chauffer for the last month.  Don't tell him but I love it.  He really is a great driver.  Troy and I
have been doing the parent taught drivers training and at first we were a little nervous about it...but he has done great.  Troy even took him driving on the interstate the other day.  They drove all the way to Galveston and back.  I stayed home and prayed.  ;)  I can see his independence shining through and I couldn't be more proud.

August is a busy month for us.  It is chalked full of birthdays.  Troy turned 42, Reid 16 and JD celebrated her birthday but I don't have permission to say her age (ha).  August 7th marked the one year anniversary of Papa John's death.  We were at Disney during this time but had some good laughs over dinner talking about all his shannagans.  He was defienlty one of a kind.  

I guess that is all for now.....hope everyone has a great first day of school.  I will be thinking and praying for all my sweet friends and family who will be sending their babies off to Kindergarten.  Hang in will be OK!  Time flies by so enjoy every stinkin' minute.

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