Thursday, November 03, 2011

Flu shot....or not?

So, what's your take on the Flu shot?  I got mine today because last year I waited and waited and then waited a little TOO long.  Yep, I got the flu.  Bad. 

Reid also got the flu.  (He was actually the first reported case at his pediatricians office.....that's not necessarily a contest you wanna win, huh?)

We were pitiful!  I felt horrible and so did he.  We were quarantined to one room and Troy just slipped food through the door with his shirt over his nose.  So sweet, right?  What happened to in sickness and in health.  Oh, well!  I think he was scared of us.  At one point Reid leaned over to me and said, "Mom, could you please get me some chicken noodle soup and some Advil?"  I said, "No, honey, you will have to get it yourself."  It was pretty sad.  It wasn't one of my proudest moments as a mom.  Man, we were so sick.  I can still feel those chills....and that fever!  That was the worst!  Reid missed so much school, too.  He loves to miss school but not because of the flu.  No, thanks! Thankfully, Troy and Macy never got it.  I think they have an immune system made of steel.  (knock on wood)

I DO NOT want to go through that again.  So, last week Troy told me they got a flu shot at work and that I needed to get mine.  He sweetly reminded me of last year.  I think secretly he doesn't want to be my nurse again...or he loves me and doesn't want to see me whine.  Which ever...I knew I needed to get one.

So, this morning, I went and had my flu shot.  I took Reid after school to get his shot....well, after our weekly Buckee's trip.  (IT is Thirsty Thursday, you know.)  He did great.  Macy gets hers in the morning...that might be another story.  That girl cries just at the thought of a needle.  Can you say....DRAMA!

So, all this to say....I know this is just in my head but I have always heard that you can get the flu from getting the shot.  What is your opinion?  Do you get the flu shot or do you just take a chance?  I'm just curious what y'all do.....

For some odd reason this afternoon I feel a little sluggish.  uh-oh!!


Holly said...

I've always been scared of the shot, thinking it would bring on the flu, so I've never gotten one. This year though Scott talked me into it right before our insurance ran out. I got it at Walgreens and it wasn't bad at all, no side effects (it was the day before Salado).

Annelise got the nasal flu spray thingie instead of a shot. No side effects.

It's probably a good thing--especially since y'all DO NOT want a repeat of FLUTACULAR (not) 2010. Yuck!!

Heather's House said...

That makes me feel better that you got one too! I am like you...I hated the idea of the flu shot. But, def dont want a repeat of FLUTACULAR..haha! I love that word.

Macy goes to the pedi tomorrow and I bet they will want to give her the nasal thingie too...instead of the shot. I guess we will see....

Lynn said...

It's not a live vaccine so they say you really shouldn't feel side effects. But, I did too! I was kinda tingly, achy and headachy that night. I took some tyelenol and by morning I was fine. You are right. We do not want the flu......Hope yall are having a good week. Love you immensely. I sure have been enjoying your blogging episodes again. Keep it up.

jody said...

I teach kindergarten. So, of course, that means I get a flu shot. I run to get a flu shot. I have been vomited on, sneezed on, spit on, and kissed and hugged. All while they ran 102 fever. hahaha.... I love my kiddies, but yes, I get a flu shot!

Heather's House said...

I took Macy this morning and she told the nurse she would rather not have a shot. ha ha! So, they gave her the nasal thingie. It took 5.7 seconds. So we are all ready for the flu season...all 4 of us.

Thanks for all your feedback! I appreciate it. ;) And JoJo...if I had 25(ish) sweet little "Kindergarteners" I'd get the shot too. I hate to be sneezed and puked on. hahaha