Friday, November 11, 2011

Are you ready for some football.....

Two bits, four bits, six bits a dollar...
All for the Texans stand up and holler!
(I don't think that is really an NFL cheer but whatever!)

We had a great time at the Texans game a couple
of weeks ago.  We are so thankful for sweet
friends who share their tickets when they can't go.
Reid and Troy were so excited about getting to 
go to the game.  We even went to Academy
the night before and all got new Texans
shirts.  When we go to a game to cheer we 
mean business!  Not to mention we looked 
cute, too.  Yes, even the boys. 


The boys always love a good Sunday football game.
 Especially when the Texans are involved.  Not
only was it a great game the weather was perfect!
Macy and I love watching the cheerleaders, talking,
watching the boys get all crazy, sharing a coke
and a huge baked potato with all the fixings,
and taking self portraits...of course. It's a great way to
pass the time.  No really, we love the game and Macy
and I cheer LOUD!  Reid brought a friend from school
so we couldn't act too crazy.  You know us Sab's. 
We can get a little crazy and wacky.
 I got the stink eye a few times just for talking.
 Geez, am I that embarrassing?

Don't answer that.



I couldn't let today get by without saying something...

AND last but certainly not least...

Happy Veterans Day
 to all the men and women who serve our wonderful country.  (My sweet Poppi included)
I admire you.
I pray for you.
I am forever thankful.
I love you.

God Bless America!


Lynn said...

GO TEXANS GO TIGERS! Glad you guys enjoyed the game so much. One of these days we will have to join you. Sounds fun. Love you.

JD said...

I love your account of what you and Maymay did during the game. You two are so funny.

Heather's House said...

Ha! Thanks JD....I forgot to mention the multiple times we went potty and went to the gift shop. haha.

Mom...have fun at the game tonight. Sure wish I could go with y'all on the bus. haha Sounds like fun!