Monday, March 21, 2011

Wiffle while you work (that's all I could come up with)

It's no wonder with a title like that I have no readers, comments or followers.  ha!  It's as cheesy as they come.  But, with all the wiffle balls that have been floating over my house lately that is all that is on my mind. 

You can buy this boy a bag of wiffle balls and he will destroy them in a matter of minutes.  He hits them so hard that he cracks them in half...then on to another one.  Its quite hysterical.  There is no telling how much money I have spent on wiffle balls the last 10 years.  I give him a bag every year at his birthday and then all the months in between.  He is worth it, though.

He wasn't too happy with me when he saw me come outside with my camera.  He is at the stage where he ducks when he sees me coming with my big, bad camera.  (I LOVE my camera)  Anyway, I pretended that I was taking pictures of flowers, Macy and an occasional butterfly.  He wasn't buying it.

He's so smart.  Smarty pants, that is.


...and again, and again.  Don't boys get tired of that?

This was after he picked up most of them.  I am praying he doesn't break my window.  He hits HARD!

This picture is the one I got caught snapping.  He wasn't happy.  He wouldn't look.  Punk.

One day over Spring Break, Troy and I took the kids to Fattyland Gattiland.  You are never too old to participate in the craziness that is pizza, games, tokens, tickets and prizes! 

Macy and Reid LOVE Colorama and can blow all their tokens in minutes.  They are promised some tickets but you never know if you will hit the famous jackpot.  Gamble, much?  It's a little scary.

This boy has all the luck.  BTW, for the last 10 years, he has been saving his Gatti tickets and has almost 10,000.  Serious.  He is a saver.  His sister on the other hand.  Bless.

 SEE....jackpot.  I think they are counting out 100.  He was thrilled.  Macy was not.

 Then Dad and Son tried a little luck on Let's Make a Deal.  Let's just say there was no Deal that day.  It wasn't in the cards. 

Macy LOVES the prize counter.  I think we stood there for 30 minutes.  She had about 500 tickets that day.  She bought a couple of things and then saved the rest.  She is learning from her big brother how its done.  Thankfully.

She really did pick a bouncy ball and some crazy glasses....all for the grand total of 15.00.  Really?

Today the kids went back to school after a wonderful Spring Break.  They were not thrilled.

I went to the mall.  

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Lynn said...

So much fun! Haven't been to Gattiland in awhile. Guess it was back to the grind today. Wake up. Run kids to school. And back and again. I sure enjoyed having them with me last week. THEY ARE AMAZING and DELIGHTFUL and I Love them with all my heart!