Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Batter swing....

I've always rewarded my kids with moolah for doing good.  If that's bad, well, too bad.  It's too late.  Reid made 35.00 during basketball season and was proud of it.  We have already had about five baseball games and I owe him a total of about 30.00.  YIKES!  Tonight we play again....the pocketbook is getting slimmer by the minute.

It was so funny....on our way to the very first game of the season, I told him that I would give him 5 dollars for every base hit.   If he made a double that's 10 dollars and for a triple it would be 15.  You get the picture.  I said if you smack me a home run I will give you 25 bucks!  He said, "Um, Dad said he would give me 100.00." 

Really?  Maybe the hubby and I should chat before we make deals like that. 

Do you reward your kids with money or am I the only sucker? 


Holly said...

I don't know if we could afford Troy's bribe. :)

Have you paid up yet? Hee Hee.

Brooke said...

That's going to get expensive! We have bribed with money for soccer goals. It used to be scoops of ice cream after the game for softball, but Amery refused to hit after two saying, "two scoops is enough."

Heather's House said...

Holly.... Macy is cheaper. ha! Reid is trying to save up for a iPad. It's exhausting. :) And he doesn't forget when we say we owe him. Macy is a little more forgetful. oops! haha

Brooke....It does get expensive. I think I have spoiled him. oops. I think I might use the ice cream thing with Macy. That's a great idea! But, Reid won't buy it. ha!