Thursday, March 24, 2011

Embrace the Camera, Y'all

Linky on UP!  Over at The Anderson Crew she always does a fun Embrace the Camera spilly-roo!  I thought it might be fun to participate.  Come on and join me.  :)

As a mom, we tend to NEVER be in any pictures.  If we are they are out of focus or our heads are cut off.  Husbands usually don't have an eye for pictures. Sorry, honey. Thankfully, for our kids sake we are always the ones taking the pictures.  I always tease Troy that if something ever happens to me there will be no pictures of me for the kids to have to remember me by.  He rolls his eyes. 

But, seriously, we as moms need to Embrace the Camera more.  Get out from behind that camera!!  Don't be afraid to ask for someone to take your pretty little photo!  Sometimes its embarrassing to have someone to take your picture, but when you see it, you are always glad.  Right?

I am thankful that Macy has learned some pretty gnarly photography skills.  Since she loves to take pictures there are more of me (and her) than in the early days when my kids were babies. I love that when Macy grabs the camera she likes to take a self portrait of the two of us....It's not usually frame-worthy, but a picture nonetheless.

embrace the camera is about YOU being IN the picture.
not just a picture of your kids.
not just a picture of your animals.
not just a picture of that random object.
now, if you are in any of those pictures, then that is embracing the camera.
but the point of it is to get out from behind the lens...and to get in front of it.

So, grab a camera and take a pretty picture of you with the ones you love....or by yourself.  :) 

My rule is, since this is my first Embrace the Camera, they can be old or new.  shhh!

Now, we have a lot of pictures together...20 years worth!

Now, that's a beauty.....not!

Look at how little and sweet my babies were!  ;)


emily anderson said...

you and your family are so adorable! so glad that you embraced the camera with us this week :)

Kim said...

Helloooooo Bloggy Bloggyson! Love all the posts and pics...esp REdi's shower message. :)

Heather said...

Thank you Emily! :) It was a lot of fun...

Kim, I KNOW! What has come over me? haha

Holly said...

It's hard sometimes to get out from behind the camera--and turn over the power-to someone else, but it's good to be documented too sometimes. :)

These are all cute pics & a fun linky party.