Friday, March 18, 2011

Spring Break 2011

We thought it was time for a little family trip to Fiesta Texas.  Thankfully, Spring Break arrived (can I get an AMEN) and for the Sab's it was the perfect time to pack up the family truckster head on the road.  We left after Reid's baseball game on Friday night so we ended up not getting to San Antonio until 1 AM.  I closed my eyes for a bit and woke up with some pretty smelly teenage feet in my face.  I felt like Ellen Griswold. 

Last time we went to Fiesta Texas the kids were little and all we did was the kiddie stuff.  Now, don't get me wrong....I love the kiddie park and after this trip I love it even more.  Especially where Reid is concerned.  He talked big on the car ride there about all the roller coasters he was going to ride.  I knew he liked them because he loves to ride the Bullet at Kemah.  But, the Bullet doesn't go upside down and isn't anywhere near the magnitude of the ones at Fiesta Texas.  So, I knew he wanted to but would he?  Would he really ride the Goliath?  The Superman?  The Rattler?  The Poltergeist? 
Um, yes.
The boy is fearless.  It's scary.

Now, for the girls and Dad?  We were happy with the Gully Washer, the Log Ride and the Kiddie Koaster.  Those are more our speed.

A funny about the Gully Washer.  Unfortunately, we chose to stand in line for an hour and half for this ride.  Not one of our better decisions.  The things you do for your 8 years old.  She just knew that this was going to be the best ride EVAH. 

I told her as we were waiting in line that there was a possibility that she would get really, really wet.  Hence the name...the GULLY washer.  But, she insisted.  So, onward through the line.  I won't even mention how hungry Troy and I were and how we kept giving each other the look.  You know "the look" why are we in this line??  Why don't we have a fast pass and Reid does?  Why did we buy him a fast pass?  Why do we spoil our children?  I just knew Troy was reading my mind.

ANYWOO, to make a long story short.  We got on the boat.  Troy and I were dry as a bone and Macy was so wet we had to take off her shirt, wring it out, and put on her jacket for a shirt.  Her shorts were wet for hours. There were tears.

I did say I told you so.  Bad mom.

 I am so glad Macy likes to take pictures.  She is a pretty good little photographer. 
Now if I can get her to learn photoshop to make me look a little younger.  haha!

 Macy driving me around....a picture of things to come?? 

We rode this Kiddie Koaster about 10 times.  It is so my speed.

 Waiting in line for the Gully pics after...too many tears.

 Yet, another pic by our fabulous photographer, Macy. 


What to do while your brother is riding Goliath for the millionth time?  Well, you dance....

 you make monkey faces.....

 and you get your feet massaged

 Reid riding THE SCREAM.  I still can't believe I let me baby ride this...

 There he goes...


You are looking at $8.00 worth of candy.  I'm sure it was worth it.

Should I be worried that my daughter loves tats?

We stayed until the bitter end.  Tired, wet feet and all.....We all declared that we LOVE Spring Break and will definitely go to Fiesta Texas again....soon.  Macy said next time we go back she will get her tattoo earlier so people can see it in the sunlight.



Holly said...

Squeal!! I'm so glad y'all got to take a vacay and had a great time at Fiesta Texas. Looks like a fun place--we'll have to check it out someday. Sorry Macy got drenched--or gully washed--poor thing!
Reid is a daredevil huh? Glad y'all had fun in the kiddie place while he was off getting his adrenaline fix--haha!

The weather looks like it was perfect--at least y'all weren't melting in the middle of summer. :)

Great photos! Did you take your big dog camera?!?!

Lynn said...

The tattoo lasted all week too! She washed around it! Glad you guys have so much fun...I sure miss everyone this week! Love you

Heather said...

Holly ....I took my lil snap and shoot camera. Didn't want to keepn upn with the big one. Good thing I didn't or it would have got wet on the gully washer. Haha

Mom...thx so much for having them. They had a blast. Love u