Sunday, April 03, 2011

Sunday Snippits

Today my LuLu is sick.  Just a little headache and sore throat....she is feeling better now and wants to go outside and put Mentos in a coke bottle to shoot in the air.  Seriously?

So, today I am laying low and loving every minute of it.  I missed going to church but sometimes its nice to stay home and drink your coffee while thinking of how much we are loved by God.  I hate when I miss church because I love my congregation so much.  I love the people, the songs, the sermons, the leaders and the legacy that I am leaving for my kids.  I think about how much I want them to walk the christian walk and I am hoping by planting the "seed" that it will help them on their way.  Its a scary need Christan friends and a strong church to make these days.  I am so thankful for my LC church.

We spent all Saturday morning at the ball park.  Our team got beat pretty bad.  But, let me tell you, we have the best group of boys ever on our team.  They gel together so well and have so much fun.  It helps that they have been friends forever, some since Kindergarten.  You can tell that  they all love to play together.  It is so heart warming to watch them cheer each other on and call each other by their nicknames.  I love to hear "GO ROOSTER" from the stands. It makes me sad that next year they will all be going to high school and be split up.  These big schools have their downfalls and one of them being that they separate all Jr. High kids to 2 different high schools.   I loved being at good 'ole SHS because you had the security of staying together with your friends from K-12th grade. 

After our game and lunch we headed off to our friends house for swimming, visiting and supper.  The boys (10+ of them) had a blast swimming and eating yummy craw fish.  There was even a little friendly game of baseball in the pool.  You know, the game where you use a boogie board as a bat and a wet spongy kickball as your baseball....then you run around the pool and hit pretend bases?  Yeah, I had never heard of it either.  These boys make up sporting events on a daily basis.  Thankfully, there were no major slips running around the pool.  There were plenty of Moms yelling to be careful.  We just knew any minute that we would be making a trip to the ER.  We just got a few ever so lovely eye rolls. They are some wild and crazy teenage boys!

We have had 3 showings this weekend.  Yes, our house is still on the market....11 months later.  God is still working on this journey for our family.  We are truly blessed to feel His hand in our lives.  You know, sometimes, life throws us curve balls.  This was just one small one and we have dealt with it.  Sometimes the curve balls are easy to swing at and other times we strike out in a major way.  I have done both.  Experiencing both has taught me to be patient and wait on God.  God has always been there for me even in my dark hours when I think He isn't listing to a single thing I'm saying.  I know He hears me, I do.  Sometimes waiting on Him is one of the hardest things we as Christians will ever do...other times it is one of the easiest.  His timing is always perfect and sometimes I forget that.  I can't wait to see what is in store for us....

You know in this post where I talked about how we give our kids money for certain things?  Well, Reid finally saved up enough money for his all precious iPad2.  He has had a smile on his face for days.  I am so proud of him for saving all that money.  He had been saving for over a year and was very patient in waiting for the prize!  We drove all over town looking for one and finally found one....and it was white.  Just what he wanted.....and, if you know Reid, you know that no one can touch it unless your hands are clean.  Oh, my sweet boy.

I am super excited about the Country Music Awards tonight.  Macy and I love to sing along with all the bands.  We are weird.

That's a lot of snippets, I know.  Hopefully you hung in there reading all this jibber-jabber.  If you did read it all....thanks y'all! I am so glad you follow me!  Hope you had a wonderful weekend.

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Holly said...

Fun weekend!

Sorry Reid's team had a loss--but looks like they didn't mind too much since they had a fun pool party. He got his iPad?!?! YAY!! Is it under lock and key? Hahaha.

Sorry Macy wasn't feeling well. Boo!