Monday, April 04, 2011

Momma's Next Food Network Star

Ever go to a fancy-schmancy restaurant and find a nasty hair in your food?  Well, not at the Sab's fancy restaurant.  We wear hair nets around here....AND don't you forget it.  :)

I am just thankful for help around this joint.  This cute little chef is one of the best helpers I have ever had.  The only meals this sweet, little chef can makes are tuna fish, sandwiches and taco soup but I can deal with that.  Oh, and she is cheap pay, too.  {{haha}} Gotta love that! 

She is always grabbing her apron looking for any chance to stir or brown something.  She is always very eager to help me in the kitchen and does so almost every night.  (thanks to Granny for making her cute apron)  Honestly, I have no idea where she got the hair net.  When I  came around the corner and I saw her wearing it I cracked up laughing.  She said, "Mom, are you gonna blog this?"  Oh, my kids know me so well.  Anyway, I think I just might see a cooking show in her future.....hopefully without the lunchroom lady hair net.


Kim said...

Paula Deen in the making!!! And the hair net is TOO much!!! Gotta love that girl! Can't wait to try a Macy Creation! :)

Julie Glover said...

Your blog is wonderful! I can't believe how much your kids have grown. Miss seeing y'all!
-Julie Glover Parker

Heather's House said...

Kim, I think she watches us too much! haha! Its a good thing.

Thanks Julie! I appreciate it so much. We miss seeing you guys, too. Where does all the time go? {{boohoo}}

Holly said...

The hairnet is priceless! Especially with her zebra print hair clip underneath.

It's so good she likes to help cook--now she really can get dinner started.

I better let Annelise help me more in the kitchen...:)