Tuesday, April 26, 2011

TAKS Tuesday

Today is the math TAKS test for my baby girl.  The first real TAKS she has ever taken.  It is such stress for an almost 9 year old.  She is so worried about being done last.  She said all the boys said you are stupid if you finish last.  Oh, those boys!  I told her it meant you were way smarter because you took your time and went over your answers just one more time.  She thought about it for a bit...maybe it got through.

Who knows.

Any way, I hope she takes her time and can focus.  We had a really good breakfast this morning.  She requested an egg and cheese omelet with bacon on the side.  I felt like I was a waitress at IHop.  I waited on her for at least 15 minutes.  I swear she needed more juice, more bacon, a knife, oh, and a napkin.  Please!  I would not make a good waitress...especially in the morning.  I have never confessed to be a morning person.  Just sayin'.

After our yummy breakfast she told me she felt full of energy and ready to go!  I know she will do good, I just hate all the pressure they put on our kids to take these standardized tests.  It's crazy.  I do admire her sweet teacher, though, because she has really prepared Macy and the whole class to do their best and understand the concepts.  The teachers at our school are the the best cheerleaders ever.  They cheer them on to success!   Macy has a wonderful, loving, sweet and AWESOME teacher.  We are so blessed this year to have her and I know how much she loves my baby and wants her to succeed.  I can feel her genuine compassion.  We need more teacher like her.  Thanks to all the teacher out there for their precious time, for their love and for the way they care for all the kids! 

Please pray for all the children taking the TAKS today....and the parents who are stressing.  Amen.


Kim said...

Know she did GREAT! And that Reid will too! ANd I will not get on my "I hate TAKS" soapbox, but you know how I feel! :)

Heather's House said...

Thanks Kim! I know...we could talk about that stinkin' test all night. ugh! But, overall the week has gone good and not too much stressing going on. Reid acts like its just another week...he's an old pro at TAKS. ha!