Monday, October 26, 2009

Rants of a crazy person

*Blogs still are a funny thing. But, lets move on. Thanks to those who love me and support my crazy rants.

*Today it is raining like cats and dogs. The kids are supposed to be cleaning their rooms but I know better. I already hear Reid jumping up and down and that means there is a little NC*AA 2010 {{sigh}}. What's a mom to do?

*I am washing clothes. Doesn't that sound exciting. I think I have used a whole bottle of S*hout this football season. I mean really, who decides that 13 year old boys, or any boys for that matter, need white football pants. Really? Case in point...

And, yes, they are white again. Well, a little on the beige side, but who cares. I'll just need to wash them a few more times. We have 2 more games left and a handful of practices. Mom and Dad are coming tonight to watch Reid's game tomorrow. We are super excited.

*I stayed up all weekend watching the 2nd DVD series, Mad*Man, that Holly gave me.. I have been stuck in the 1960's...again. It is so good! I have been watching it on my computer with my ear buds in and needless to say, the dishes are sky high. The kids had to rinse off a dirty spoon this morning just to eat breakfast. I'm not proud of that and I won't win mother of the year. Just sayin'... Now, its over and I can get back to my duties at hand...

*I still haven't purchased Macy's Halloween costume yet. She wants to be a nice witch. Really? Anyway, I guess I have been a little preoccupied with my friends from the 1960's and now my poor baby doesn't have a costume. So, I guess its off to the Halloween store we go...if there are any left.

*We went to Dew*berry farms last weekend with Kim and her family. It was so much fun. I had never been and am so glad we did. It was such a neat place. A lot of walking and standing in lines but still a really fun place for the kids.

We got to pick out our very own pumpkin. Macy loved walking around looking for the perfect one!

The kids loved petting the animals. We took cousin Avery with us and they both had a blast. Don't you just love the look on that girl's face? haha! She loves her job.

Cheeseeeee.....Avery did not want to look at me for some odd reason. :) And, yes, we lost the cute black bow somewhere along the way.

*I haven't forgot the give-a-way....just looking for the right thing. The pressure.


Holly said...

Who you callin' crazy? You're not crazy, silly. But the constant drippy rain today is making me stir crazy.

I can't believe how grungy Reid's uniform pants get--you are working that Shout! So glad your mom and dad get to come watch him play tomorrow. Cheers for a big WIN!!

Love the Dewberry Farm pics--looks like y'all had fun--especially Macy with the animals--cute. I bet Avery loved it too.

Love ya!

Lynn said...

Glad we found the glam witch her glam glam outfit! Truly a day of fun. Love you.