Saturday, October 17, 2009

Oh, running, I miss you.

I'm mad. At myself, that is. Why? Because I have let my running go and I am missing it so much. This year when I went to register for the half marathon it was full. I promised myself I would sign up for another one and never did. Now, 3 months later and a few pounds heavier, I have let my running go to the way side. Don't get me wrong, I have ran a little, walked a little and went to worked out a little but nothing beats my running club and I miss it so much. Having that accountability helps me so much. So, needless to say, I feel like a "shlumpidinka" (isn't that what O*prah calls it? :) ) and is in need of a body makeover. Especially with the holidays right around the corner. Oh, heaven help us all when Aunt Kathy brings her famous Christmas cookies. Hey, FaFa, do you think you can make them fat-free?

So, anyone have any good ideas on how to get my running mojo back? HELP!

I miss getting up early and getting my running done for the day. I miss seeing the sunrise and all God's glory.

I miss my fuel belt. I miss my G*2 in Mango flavor.

I will miss these crazy girls at the half marathon. They sure were funny to watch as I ran my 13.1 miles.

I miss my watch. :)

I will miss not getting a 2010 medal this year!

I will miss these lovely oranges. One of the perks of fruit! :)


Robin said...

I miss running with you! I promise as soon as I finish this nonsense I call school i will start running with you again! In the meantime get running so I can run vicariously through you! Wanna get out there tomorrow? Just call...I'm not fast but I will go with you...can you handle a slowpoke like me? MISS YOU!!!

Holly said...

Oh girl, I hear you loud and clear! I've misplaced my running mojo too--and it's affecting everything.

Maybe the cooler weather will inspire us...maybe...

Lynn said...

Do they ever have cancellations that they can let you know if a place opens up? Or find another one somewhere. I'm telling you, you could start one here! I think either that or you just need to prepare and run your own race even if it is around the neighborhood 5 times! JUST DO IT, nike said. Get all your stuff our and dust it off and GO girl. You can do it. You always do. LOVE YOU.