Monday, October 05, 2009

For the sweetest 8 followers in the world......I am so sorry! I know I promised you a give-a-way and have yet to post anything about it. I guess I got all carried away with my long life list. ha! I do promise you one is coming. What is it? Well, some good mail, just for you! I will get back to you soon with all the details and fun stuff.....I'm new at this, remember? :) Hang in there with me. And if you read my earlier posts you know I am a procrastinator....oops. I am going to do better with that...tomorrow.

This is Avery, my niece....I love this picture. I thought it was perfect for a Monday morning! :)

I hope you all have a fabulous Monday. Now, y'all don't be sticking your tongue out at people, that's only acceptable if you are 2. ha!

Love you.


Anonymous said...

love you111111111111

Lynn said...

You mean I can't stick my tongue out anymore?

Daesha said...

I love that picture!! It cracks me up! I can't believe she's that big already.