Monday, October 12, 2009

Gotta love homework

With the school year in full swing, so is the homework. I for one hate homework. I mean, come on, don't they do enough of work during the day? Reid has been up until 11:00 + for weeks. The homework is crazy! I guess I better get off my soap box. I could go on and on about that. With all of that said, he is getting into the groove and doing a fabulous job. He in making all A's and B's and we are very proud of him. I just thought I'd post a few pictures of him hard at work. Don't you love how he takes over my kitchen table and plops a lamp in the middle?

All you need is a little light, coffee, cough drops and a little music...

Oh, and some white powdered doughnuts....snack of champions.


His homework is always math, which I cannot help him with. Sorry, Reid.

Let's not forget other star student. She has had homework and projects of her own. She made this dinosaur diorama all by herself. Well, I helped a little but not too much...she is one crafty little girl!

One of Reid's Social Studies projects...It's a Indian Shield. Just in case you wondered. ha!
So, just in case you have wondered what we have been up too...there you have it. That and football. That will be a later post.... :)
Hope you all have a wonderful Monday.


Lynn said...

Gracious. BUSY days. I just miss you guys so much and would like to schedule a Neena conference with each of the teachers. I would like to tell them that because of their need to inflict such homework on my babies that I have not seen them in way too long. I would also like to talk to the football coach and ballet teacher. Let me know when I can get in to see them. LOVE YOU ALL.

Holly said...

At least the projects look like fun! I used to love making dioramas--my favorite way to do a book report.

They look pretty proud of their hard work. Way to be their #1 helper & cheerleader.

Lacie said...


That is sooo past my bed time!!!

If your sweet LuLu gets tired of her dino diorama, I kmow of two little boys who would think it was the coolest thing ever...Ha!

Hang in there momma!

Kim said...

WAY COOL projects! And I love all the homework pics!!! Esp. the one of him writing. Those angels of yours are quite the super stars! :)