Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Wilbur, Ashley and Wedding Bliss

Mother/Daughter time....so sweet.
photo by Reid :)

Macy and I have been reading Charlotte's Web for the last few weeks. We read about a chapter a night. She is really enjoying it. It is so much fun when you can start reading them chapter books and they actually get it. They remember what you read the night before. Last night I asked her what she remembered from last night and she told me she learned that manure means cow poop. Well, I thought she was listening! HA! Anyway, we will continue on with our story and hopefully years down the road she will remember our special times together reading about manure.


Now, this part of my blog is dedicated to my sweet and special sister. She is special in so many ways. She is one that always has your back, no matter what. I am so glad that God gave her to me to have as a sister and a friend. She is not afraid of anything. She loves God and wants Avery to know how much God loves her. She is so brave and I wish I could be more like her. She takes the most awesome pictures you've ever seen. Her talent is way beyond her years. You know, she is only 30. Such a young pup. I look up to her in so many ways. She gives great hugs...you know...the ones that linger....like she really wants to hug you/me. She takes life one day at a time. She is an awesome mommy and makes it look so easy. She has waited on God's answer for a child and now Avery in one sweet little miracle. She loves her family. She likes Red Diamond sweet tea. She cries easily and has big sweet tears. She is beautiful. Her big brown eyes could stop traffic. She loves Sylvester Stallone and Dolly Parton. ha! I'm glad I have her to talk to and we talk on the phone quite a bit. :) She is honest and trustworthy. She tells in like it is and that is a good quality to have. I could go on and on. And although her birthday was in August, I didn't properly give her the credit she deserved...right, sis? :) Um, I guess August was crazy and I had a brain lapse. Who knows, but I do know this, I love her with all my heart and I'm glad she is my sister and I'm glad she's my friend. So, Ash, Happy 30th birthday. I hope your year is one that you will never forget. And just wait 31 is even better. HA!

Ash and Avery

And one more thing.....yesterday was our 13 wedding anniversary. Can you believe it? It seems like yesterday that I wore that beautiful puffy sleeved, beaded, tiny bow in the back, tulle filled dress...that cost hundreds of dollars. Troy was looking smashing in his black tux...that cost 50.00. How fair is that? Well, I remember that day being one of the best days of my life. It was a beautiful wedding full of pink, pink and more pink. Just ask my sister who said she looked like a big bottle of pepto bismol. And I guess, looking back at my pictures all these years later, she did. But hey, in 1994 that was the thing. Puffy sleeves was what it was all about. So, in honor of our big day, we wanted to escape to Hawaii or go on a cruise or something but that won't be happening anytime soon. So, we went out for lunch to the Aquarium and afterwards fed the stingrays. I got a good laugh out of Troy freaking out that they would kill him like they did the Crocodile Hunter. He cracks me up. It was a fun day, thinking back and being thankful that we have one another. Who would have thought that all those years ago of meeting in the halls of Smithville High School that we would be married, have 2 kids, a mortgage, a car payment and all the love we have for each other. Sappy, I know. So, Happy Anniversary to us....maybe we can go on that cruise on our 15th????????


Ashley said...

Thats what I'm talking about. ha ha ha ha ha haha.

You know I love you like a fat kid loves cake. ha ha.

Love you sissy, more than you will ever, ever know.

Oh, and after that post I am so, so sorry that sprayed windex in your eyes so long ago. I now do NOT wish you were Helen Keller.


silken said...

ohh, that cruise is so worth the wait (we just did for our 20th this summer)

as for Charlotte's Web....good stuff! I remember the first time I read it to my son. I think he was only 3. He was so upset/crying....I didn't tell him that she would DIE!!! kind of an abrupt entry into "the real world" maybe. but I still love reading together

Lynn said...

What a beautiful spirit of love you have! Of course, I have always known that from the first day I put my eyes on you! It makes me so happy that you and Ash have so many special memories and share so much. Sisters are the best, I know. I treasure the relationship that I have with you girls too. I am so blessed. I hope and pray that you and Troy always find time for each other and share such love.....Oh and random is this....remember when we read Anne of Green Gables? You and Macy need to read that next.

Anonymous said...

Hey sweet sweet granaddaughter. I guess you sprayed windex in Ashley's eye when you were cleaning my patio doo!!!You are just special kids, and both have super kids of your own. And you have a Nana and Poppie that think we are most fortunate to claim you for our own. Love to all. Nana

Lynn said...

Oh and I love you to the moon and back. And then some.

The Doty's Dish said...

That is so fun that y'all are reading Charlotte's web...I love that book so much.

And I totally agree that Ashley is all that you described and more. When I first started reading what you wrote I was scared I forgot her birthday...then you mentioned August.

Happy Anniversery to you too!

jody said...

Oh my, we all do love Baby Ashley so very much. She has a heart of gold and a spirit of fire. What could be better? Avery is a darling, and she is blessed to have BA and Ashley for her parents. We love all of you, JoJo

Chris & Becky said...


Giggi said...

Such a sweet blog it made me tear up! Love the cuddle time reading to your baby girl. Love all you had to say about Ash. She is all that & more. And I can't believe my little flower girl has been married 13 years! Wow! You shouldn't be much more than that! Does that ever sound like a grandma thing to say or what??? I love you bunches & loved spending time with you at Thanksgiving. I have me some sweet nieces.

maria said...

I love the sweet pic of you and Macy reading together. You are such a great mom and Macy will remember how you used to read 'Charlotte's Web' together. What a great picture of a memory in the making.

Kim said...

LOVE Charlotte's Web! So glad that you are sahring a love for reading with Macy. She will look back on your bedtime reading and smile! Happy Anniv. to you and Troy! Glad you were able to have a few kid-less hours to enjoy each other and hold hands in public!!!

Lacie said...

Just wanted to know if you and Macy were still reading the book...Ha! Long Time No Talk!!! Love ya!