Sunday, November 25, 2007

Princess Macy

For the past week, my baby has grown...a little. She has now started bathing herself. I run the water, she washes her hair, with conditioner and bathes! I know it sounds silly, but it really makes me sad. I mean I am glad she is so independent but I miss that baby stage. She is growing up so quickly. I just love her! She is so much fun to be around!

Last week, on the first night she bathed herself , she wanted to dress herself in her pj's. So, she had me go downstairs to wait for her. This is what came down the stairs. She never stops wanting to be Mommy's little princess! Wet hair and all! Did I mention she picked out her pj's too? ha! She slept in that tutu all night long.


Ashley said...

Thats funny! How uncomfortable to sleep in a tutu! Only Macy! I love that girl!

Love you too!

BriteCloud said...

How cute! I know she was proud of herself.

Lynn said...

My precious little LuLu. She is so special and in a class all of her own. If we could each have a glimmer of her heart! She is so like her mommy so is it any wonder I love her so much?

The Doty's Dish said...

She's too cute!I hope Jaxon grows up to just as funny and goofy as she is. Love y'all.