Friday, October 05, 2007

Fall ball fun

Macy....say cheese! You look so cute!
The girls....we love being together

This was supposed to be a serious one!

Now, a fun one! I look really scary! My hair is really scary!

This is me and Macy bored to death while we were waiting for Reid. He had baseball practice...which usually takes hours! It does gets a little boring. So whats two fun and crazy girls to do? Luckily, I had my camera. We had fun passing the time. As you can tell!

In all the fun Macy and I had in taking pictures of ourselves, I forgot to take a picture of Reid doing his "practice" thing. I know...I'm a bad Mom. So, here he is all ready for a game. Isn't my baby the cutest? I just wanna pinch his cute little cheeks.


Lynn said...

Oh let me pinch them first. He is a precious little baseball player. I also dearly love the silly girls in the car waiting on him. Good thing they didn't have digital cameras when you were in high school. Thanks for a new fun post. I miss you guys. Love!

Anonymous said...

LOVE the pics! Baseball season! woop woop! I will pinch his cheeks for you Neena on Monday mornin' when i get my daily hugs at the school! Thanks for sharing the funnies!

Holly said...

These pics are great Heather! What else are 2 girls to do during baseball practice besides this--maybe play beauty shop??

Reid looks like a pro!

maria said...

Can I just tell you--you have the most beautiful children?!! Okay, I guess the word would be "handsome" in Reid's case (sorry, Reid). Anyway, I love your pics. I guess I've never seen Reid in his baseball uniform. Of course, I've seen you and Macy make lots of funny faces!:) LOL! Anyway, you have such sweet, wonderful children. You should be a proud momma!