Friday, October 12, 2007

Race for the cure

Our shirts in memory of sweet Paula.

Good Morning Houston!! It started out to be a muggy,wet morning
but ended up clearing up and being a nice day. Me, Reid, Matthew
Christian, and Holly braved the non-competitive 5K race. It was
fun to share the day with our boys. To show them that this disease
is serious and claims the lives of millions of women.

Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure. It was a packed house. :)

SURVIVORS! How awesome is that. It was rows and rows
of pink survior flags. It was so touching.

Mommy and Reid. Reid ran 3 miles without stopping. He
beat me by 20 minutes. He was waiting for me at the finish
line. And he proudly wore pink for the special day.
He rocks....let me tell you! It was a sweet, but sad day to see friends
running for those who are surviors of Breast Cancer and those
whose loved ones have lost the battle. For all the women...we
salute you and we love you. And Paula, we miss you.


Robyn said...

How neat... loved reading about this! Great job Reid!

jody said...

That is amazing...and I am so proud of Reid. What a precious boy! THREE MILES? WITHOUT STOPPING? Wow! Next year, Macy will be running, too. Love ya'll, JoJo

Giggi said...

Way to go Reid & Heather! I'm so proud of ya'll. You are inspiring to all of us!

BriteCloud said...

That is so neat, Heather. I could never get my boys to wear pink, I'm so proud of Reid. What a great kid he is. I know that your friend would be so thrilled to be honored in that way.

maria said...

Oh Heather! This was such a touching post! I wish I could have been there to 'run or walk' for the cure too, I bet it was awesome! I'm so impressed with Reid (as always!) He is such a genuinely sweet boy and much more mature than his years. Who knows, maybe he'll be up to running marathons with you in the years to come--he's already well on his way! Way to go y'all!