Sunday, October 07, 2007

School Days!

My first day of school sweeties! Ok ok, I know...its October already. Well, it has been a month of hustle and bustle...ok, no excuses! I just got around to posting pics. So, here are my babies. Rooster is in the 5th grade and LuLu is in Kindergarten. They are both loving it and doing great! Rooster even made all A's on his progress report and LuLu made all E's! EXCELLENT!

I couldn't resisit...they looked so cute walking to school. You can't even see the school it was so packed that morning. I had to park blocks away. I guess everyone wanted to walk their kidos in for the first day.

Aunt Ashley and Avery came to spend some time with me since I was a little teary all day. I didn't know sending my baby off to Kindergarten was going to hurt my heart so badly! And sending my son to his last year of elementary. YIKES! Where has all the time gone? So, after school we HAD to get some ice cream. Yummy!

Avery really, really wanted some ice cream. The kids loved seeing her and spending some time loving on her. I enjoyed my day with her and Ash. We had a fun lunch at Jasons Deli. Avery loved all the attention and I loved all the snuggle time without having to fight my kids to hold her! ha

Mom and her kidos! Don't you just love LuLu's blue lips. Oh, the days when you didn't care that you had a blue ice cream mustache!


Anonymous said...

Glad to see you back and thanks for the pictures. Macy looks so big walking down the sidewalk with her back pack. And Reid is getting to be such a young gentleman. You are truly blessed, Heather---and I am too. We love all of you so much. Nana

Lynn said...

OH I have been waiting. Those are great pictures and I just stared at them because they are getting SO big. Reid in middle school next year?????? What! Glad Ash and Av were able to be with you. I love you all.

Ashley said...

I had fun that day too! I still can't believe how old they are. Makes me sad.

Love you.

BriteCloud said...

Cute pictures! BTW, I still haven't re-created the first day of school pics for Beck and Chloe, I meant to do that the 2nd day. Oh well.

Giggi said...

Too cute. Can't believe they are getting so big! They are some fine kiddos. Wish you lived closer so you could fix up my porch so pretty & we could go get us some blue ice cream. Well, maybe chocolate. Love you all so much!

maria said...

I love the first day of school pics. Its funny how 'going out for ice cream' is always the perfect ending to a good day, or a bad day...or I guess any day (for me that is;)