Wednesday, September 26, 2007


As I was tucking my sweet daughter in bed tonight I was hit with a deep question. I know...she's such a deep thinker. ha! As always, she asks me about Grandma Salas. She loved her so much and remembers her so well. It amazes me. She passed away about a year ago and asks about her almost every night. Along with Leon, Papa Johns toothless neighbor. Why she asks about him is beyond me. We met him once. He left a big impression on her one night when we were over there. She asked him about his tooth and why he only had one. I was so embarrased. I can't believe she even had the guts to ask him. Shes my outspoken one! But for real, he only had one tooth. I mean come on, pull it out for petes sake. What can you possibly eat with only one tooth? Anyway, thats besides the point. She prays for Grandma (and Leon..who died of a heart attack) every night. Her prayers are so sweet. So tender. She asks God to make them better so they can come back. I think they learned about Lazarus at church. :) If only it was that easy.

Tonight she asked me again, when will Grandma come back? She asked when we go to Heaven, how long will we be there. I said forever. It will be awesome! She said she doesn't really want to go right now. She said she didn't think there would be snow, pumpkins or Halloween. That girl! When has she ever seen snow! HA I told her how wonderful Heaven is and how God is preparing a place just for us. I went on to say that others go on before us to help get it all ready and wait for us with open arms. Grandma is waiting with open arms...just for us. We all miss her and love her but know that God is taking very good care of her. And God is taking care of so many other loved ones. I told her how wonderful that it will be. She didn't seem to excited. Yet. But for me. Oh my. No pain. No worries. No sickness. No debt (ha). No tears. No busyness. No evil. Only the best our Father has to give us. What a reunion....God is SO good!
How do you answer a 5 year olds answer about Heaven? Did I say the right thing?


Lynn said...

I remember another little five year old that used to ask the same kind of questions. Lulu comes from a line of deep thinkers. We may not make much sense but we are deep thinkers! She is really a little angel sent here to take care of us all, I believe. Innocent and precious. And why didn't Leon pull out that one tooth? Guess he didn't want to mess with his toot toot. Love you all. MOM

mindy tyndall said...

You did a great job answering her question (see...I read the fine print!). You little princess is growing up and that is hard on us mamas. This is just the first of many hard questions, but I love that you took the time to really explain it - not just brush it off. It's a difficult question, with a beautiful answer!

NanaWhitfield said...

That Macy sure makes you stop and think. She is truly a deep thinker. She will probably come up more serious one as time goes by and will make all us stop and think. We love that gal!!!She is a chip off the old block. Love to all. Nana

Lacie said...

Kannon asked the other day, "What was Heaven? and Where is Heaven?" Whew...It is a bit harder to give a 3.5 year old an anwser thst he can sink his teeth into. I think it is good they ask-it means we are doing our job by making God apart of our everyday life.

Good answer girl!

Macy...Keep your Mom on her toes!

Holly said...

Whew! That was a deep question. It's so sweet to hear about her concern, her memories and her curiousity.

I think you answers were perfect and just waht she needed to hear. Way to go Mom! :)

Giggi said...

You're such a wise mommy. It seems like bedtime always brings out the deep questions. It has to be a little hard for a child to understand. I mean we only think we do! Farther along we'll know all about it! I think you did a good job, & I'm with you on it sounding amazing! Lord come quickly!

Patriot said...

You have such a cute family!

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