Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Better Days

Things are much better tonight. Thank you for all your prayers. I can feel them...I love you.

I found this tonight on Beth Moore's blogspot. Her site is Go check it out. :) I know my girls will! HA
Anyway, it was what I needed to hear...straight to the point. I love that about her.

Beloved, in the Name of Jesus
I commission you
To rejoice in the Lord always
And again I say rejoice.
Stop worrying about everything!
Dump your anxiety
And start praying like mad.
Start thinking about
What you're thinking about!
Start feeding your spirit
And stop feeding your flesh.
Never forget the true Secret:
Christ in you, the Hope of Glory!
You, Dear One,
have the supernatural CAN DO!
Now, believe God
And turn your CAN DO
You are NOT a wimp.
You are a warrior.
In the Name and power of Christ
Go out there and act like one.

Ok, ok...I'm goin'


Lynn said...

WOWZA.....I like how Beth tells it like it is. But, isn't that sort of what I said last night? HA HA HA HA. She makes it sound easy, I know, but you and I are clones and I know it is not that easy. But, we'll work on it and pray for each other. I'll be a warrior if you will. I LOVE YOU.

Giggi said...

Could I have that framed? I need to read it everyday! You are a mighty warrior! Greater is He who is in us than he who is in the world! Being a mom should come with knee pads! I love you!

Lacie said...

Ok- Ok, I'm going too! Thanks for the site! I'm glad things are better!

Love ya!